January 24, 2007

Oh Yeah, I Fell In Love With This Guy!

My mother-in-law called the other day:

Hi Gayle. I was wondering if maybe, I could have ALL the kids over for a slumber party on Friday night. I just thought it would be fun for all the cousins to get together and play in the snow, and watch movies, and have hot cocoa and…..

My Breathless Answer:

I’ll Have Them Ready in Five Minutes and Waiting on the Front Porch!

This mama doesn’t have to be asked twice. In fact, I figured I better answer pretty darn fast or she would have a moment where she realized what she’s truly gotten herself into, what with inviting eight kids between the ages of 3 and 11 to spend ALL NIGHT with her.


I couldn’t think of anything worse. Well, maybe eating the last brownie and realizing there is no milk to wash it down with.

Now THAT would be cause for concern.

So figuring that she’s got a really good hairstylist that would cover all the new grays she’ll wake up with the next day, I sent the kids packing with absolutely NO guilt.

And hubster and I had the house All To Our Selves!

We crammed everything that we could think of into that 24 hours of freedom; we ate our meals at all kinds of odd hours, we left the house on a whim with only a moments notice and with no bags full of kid gear, we worked on projects around the house that would have taken us hours with kid interruptions, we stayed up till 2 AM, knowing we could sleep in come morning.

And I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun!

I get so caught up in the responsibilities of caring for the kids and their multitudes of needs, taking care of the house, teaching, and organizing our lives, that I easily forget that it all started with a great love affair.

And Grandma’s hair looked just fine the next day. Nary a gray hair in sight, bless her ever lovin’ heart!

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