February 20, 2007

The Day My Inner Old Lady Came Busting Out!

Lord have Mercy! I was going crazy without my internest access! Not only did I miss my little daily coffee breaks reading all of your blogs, but I just can't function without it!

Hubby is moving his main work space into his home office and then changing locations for his client meeting offices so that required that he network our home computers together....install a router....and a bunch of other stuff that neither one of us understand. Not only did we feel the ultimate in stupid, cuz let's face it, we can point and click with the best of 'em but that's about it for the both of us. So when the internet company who shall go nameless, decided to torture us with the 20 gazillion options on How To Get My Blinkin' Computer To Work my inner Old Lady came out....

"Why, when I was a youngun they ran the whole dang US of A with a notepad and a sharp #2 pencil, they sure did. We didn't need none of that fancy high tech stuff you modern kids need nowadays. And if a #2 pencil was good enough for the president of the U-nited States, well than it's good enough for me, and don't you forget it mister."

I've since changed my mind!

I couldn't renew my library books so I racked up enough fines to pay off the national debt.....twice!

I couldn't reorder my Blockbuster video rentals so I kept getting Bob The Builder movies instead of grown up movies. I caught my husband balancing the check book the other day and singing, "Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!"

After cooking approximately 13,140 meals in the last 12 years of marriage (and yes I actually calculated that) I MUST use Meals.com to come up with something fresh and exciting. Therefore without the use of my computer I was all messed up. We ate pancakes for dinner, more soup and sandwiches than I ever care to admit, and if I even look at Top Ramen again, I think I'm going to scream!

So I will be the first to admit that I can't function at full capacity without being connected to the World Wide Web.

Is there an internet-anonymous group out there somewhere?

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