February 12, 2007

A Weekend Of Clown Hair, Flame Throwers And Max....Don't Ask

I was felled by the flu bug on Friday night, in the middle of date night no less. And even though it felt as though my hind quarters turned into a weapons grade flame thrower and a ball of nastiness was threatening to erupt from my stomach and out my face, there were some exciting things that occurred over the weekend.

Gabe (3) decided that my hot water bottle felt like a baby and thus named him Max and carried him around all weekend. They only time I got to use “Max” was when I was allowed to baby sit him while Gabe did more interesting things like play with legos or take a nap.

I was allowed to lay in my bed from Friday night to Monday morning. Food was brought to me on trays, I read 4, count em, 4 books over the weekend plus a book full of sudoku puzzles. I didn’t cook, teach, break up fights, do laundry, or clean house. Now if I hadn’t felt like death was imminent, I probably would have enjoyed this self centered life of luxury much more.

By Sunday, I was rather rank smelling so I decided to use what little energy I had to pamper myself. I showered till the hot water ran out, gave myself a pedicure and decided to color the gray hairs that were starting to peek out from my last color session. I tried a new highlighting kit that promptly turned my highlights a bright orange that looked like it belonged on a circus clown. Today I will wear hubby’s baseball hat while I figure out how to get my hair brown again.
But, there’s always a silver lining. Since my weekend diet consisted of only apple juice, saltine crackers and chicken broth, I lost 3 WHOLE POUNDS.

Today holds all kinds of fun for me. Now I must tend to the house that had no housekeeper, the laundry that had no laundress, and the children that had no mommy all weekend. I’m not sure the involuntary vacation was worth it.

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