March 30, 2007

Where I'd Like To Be Today

Oh, Yeah! That's where I'd like to be today.

During our "corporate life" days, the company would send us on kidless vacations once a year and one of my favorite spots was the Four Seasons in Great Exuma Bahamas. We spent those 7 days reminding ourselves how to sleep without being awakened by a vomiting child, how to live life without doing a headcount to keep track of our little people, and how to cuddle like we were on our honeymoon again.

Now that we are self employed our getaways consist of hours of torturous travel with four bored kids, multiple stops to go potty, and a sneak to the indoor hot tub after the kids have gone to sleep.

But that's the trade offs to this family that we have and I can bide my time until it's just me and my LUVAH again.

Go check out the linky at Crazy Hip Blog Mama's to see where everyone else wishes they were today.


Janean said...

Aaaah! The little drinks with the umbrellas in them brought to me by a waiter. MG floating beside me. Give me a couple of hours before you let the kids into my dream pool. :D
Gorgeous photo, thanks for the mini-escape.

AuburnGalAlways said...

beautiful!! If I could only LOOK like that too!

visiting from CHBM

The Preacher's Wife said...

Thanks for visiting my site today..I'm just loving your blog and can tell you I'll be back...As a mom of 4 also, I totally relate with the whole laundry thing. Great to meet you!!

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