May 2, 2007

Low-Cal Recipe Ideas

Laura requested I share some of my low-cal recipes and then I swear I’ll quit talking about this diet stuff…at least for a little while! (disclaimer – I am no dietician!)


  • One egg + ¼ cup of egg beaters, chopped veggies (tomatoes and mushrooms for me) salt and pepper and piece of whole wheat toast = 280 calories
  • 1 cup oatmeal cooked in water, 1 Tbs. brown sugar, 1 oz dried apples, dash cinnamon = 266 calories
  • Non-fat yogurt and Kelloggs low-fat granola bar = 209
  • (from Cook Once Eat for a Week by Jyl Steinback) Tropical Muesli = 220 calories, Cinnamon Whole Wheat Pancakes = 267 calories, Baked French Toast = 305 calories. Buttermilk Banana Muffins = 197 calories.


  • Lowfat wrap or tortilla, spread with 2 Tbs whipped cream cheese, sprinkled with shredded zuchinni and carrots, sliced tomatoes and mushrooms, and a spice mix called SPIKE! (This seasoning makes the wrap yummy. Don’t even bother eating it without this. It’s not hard to find. I get it at my local Safeway.) Oh, and I usually eat half a sliced apple with this. = 210
  • Boca burger wrapped in a low-fat wrap or tortilla with slice of tomato and low-fat cheese. = 330
  • Spinach Chicken Salad – Fresh Spinich, grape tomatoes, thin sliced carrot strips, 1oz crumbled feta cheese, 2 Tbs herb vinaigrette dressing or other low-cal dressing, (a little dressing goes along way if you toss it with the salad rather than pouring it over the top) and 3oz sliced cooked chicken breast. = 324 calories.

DINNER (two great books Cook Once Eat for a Week by Jyl Steinback or Fix it and Forget it Lightly by Phyllis Pellman Good)

  • 40 Clove Garlic Chicken with steamed broccoli = 210 calories
  • Macaroni and Chedder/Parmesan Cheese (Fix it and Forget it Lightly) with diced tomatoes marinated in vinaigrette dressing. = 250 calories
  • Turkey Enchiladas = 232 calories (Cook Once Eat for a Week)


  • 1 cup Sugar free jello with 2 Tbs. fat free cool whip = 50 calories
  • Frosted Carrot Bars = 108 calories (Cook Once Eat for a Week)
  • Orville Reddenbocker Low-fat butter flavored microwave popcorn = A WHOLE BAG EQUALS 105 CALORIES!
  • Chocolate Cupcakes = 144 calories (Cook Once Eat for a Week)

A great resource is You can type in any food product and it gives you the nutrition info and calorie counts.

Oh yeah, and I'm down 2 pounds!!!


Ali said...

I was sad to see you leave HSB! I hope that blogger fits your needs though. I'll have to figure out how to link to your new blog.

Emily said...

I'm going to do the 40 Clove Garlic chicken. I made spaghetti you told me about last year (with angel hair) on Monday. It was yummy, and still filled me up. Who knew that angel hair pasta is so much healthier!

Shalee said...


We love the 40 cloves garlic chicken. It's YUMMY!

Also, let me throw out another breakfast item that we love, but don't let the name turn you off because we made it up:

Dinosaur eyeballs

If you're still interested, let me know and I'll get the recipe to you... sometime. (Like how I don't make deadlines for myself?)

And your comment on my blog today really made me stop and smile. I think you gave me the best present I could ever receive. Thank you for your sweet words.

Blessings to you!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I sound you thorugh CWO. Your profile could be mine- lots in common. I too am trying to decrease cellulite- and get down a couple of sizes. I have found dry skin brushing to make a difference. Have you heard of that?

EEEEMommy said...

Now I know why I'm not losing any weight! Too many banana splits and not enough Sugar Free Jello!

laura said...

Thank you for posting this!! I like my fix it and forget it book, so now I just may have to get the 'light' version. :)

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