May 10, 2007

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

A pictures speaks a thousand words, right? Well good, cuz I don't have a whole lot to say as I'm in a rush out the door. Here was our day yesterday as we took advantage of some beautiful and rare Pacific Northwest weather.

Hit the bike trails

Found a Snake

Played on the skate board ramps

Climbed the pile of Mt. St. Helens ash that had been dredged from our nearby river.

View from the top of the piles

What I didn't get a picture of was the bike trails with no shoulders and the steep drop offs on either side. Or the giant dog that jumped on my eldest son as he was riding by it. Or my eldest son going over the giant cliff of boulders with his brand new bike. Or my sons survival instincts kicking in so that he jumped off his bike and back up the cliff in the nick of time. Or the shakes and tears we both had as we hugged afterwards and the dork with the dog apologizing in the background. Or my fake smile as I stupidly comforted the man and his dog.

But I wish I had those pictures too!


ConservaChick said...

Oh Gayle.. I am so glad he is OK! I have issues with dogs in public. You just gave reason #431. Near death of child, by riding bike off cliff do to unruly, unleashed dog. And.... you were WAY to nice about it. I freak out on people when it comes to my kids, then regret my unchristian like behavior. On second thought, good for you for keeping your cool.

EE said...

Glad your son is ok!!!

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