June 19, 2007

Cross Dressing Graduation

This was graduation weekend in my neck of the woods and we had the pleasure of seeing our oldest nephew graduate. But before the momentous occasion occurred, I was witness to this conversation between my sister-in-law and her son who is 8.

SIL – We are so proud of your big brother for finishing school and graduating this weekend.

8 yr old nephew – So what’s the big deal about all this?

SIL – Well, it show’s that he’s completed his schooling.

8 – But, what does he get for it?

SIL - He gets to be honored for his accomplishments and has earned his right to wear this…… (She disappears into the bedroom and comes out holding the graduation gown with pride.)

8 – What?!? He says in shock and horror. HE GETS A DRESS FOR FINISHING SCHOOL?????

You know, he’s got a point!
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