June 5, 2007

The Day The World Spun Off It's Axis

Hmmm... no dial tone on the phone. Hmmm.....no internet access?!?!? Now I'm starting to panic. Some brilliant construction crew has cut some important wire and left my whole neighborhood without phone and internet access. So....I'm going through blog withdrawals and I won't be able to post until Saturday, they say! If you know me in like, real life....call me on my cell phone. If you only know my on my blog, well I'm sure I'll hit some kinda posting record when I'm back, to make up for lost time.


Cindy said...

Waaaah. (Crying like a baby.)
Hmmmph. (Growling like my 8 year old)
"WHY???" (Whining like my 11 year old)
"FINE!" (Declarative statement like my 7 year old)
:( (Pouting like my 6 year old)

Halfmoon Girl said...

Cindy's kids speak the same language as mine. You will have to let us know how you involuntary break from technology went. It may be more peaceful once you get used to it.

Leanne said...

Gayle....I will be having withdrawals from your blog too, isn't that sad, because we do live like 10 minutes from each other, in the same town, no less, and I have no idea what is going on with ya'z and how things are going!!!! PATHETIC! Can we please have a play date?? Hannah keeps having dreams that she's playing with Allegra.....how sad!! I love your blog, you know that?? What about a play date?? Leanne

Shari said...

Hmmm....is God trying to tell you something????

We look forward to hearing from you when you get back.


Ang said...

I hear ya! Hopefully you don't start blogging in your head like I did over my six week leave. Or worse yet, leaving yourself comments! Hang in there.

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