June 27, 2007

Hot Flashes and Whiskers.....Eww!

Well, I must say that you bloggy friends-o-mine are a wealth of information and wisdom. I took all your scrapbooking advice, lime chips and all, and was thoroughly prepared for my first scrappy adventure. And now all I can think about is papers and stickers and cute little scissors and brads and all that kind of stuff. I’m certain a new addiction has formed.

I managed to get about 4 pages done in 8 ½ hours which feels completely ineffective. I figured that with no kids interrupting my work I’d at least get one whole book done and another started. But I think I’m just doomed to 20 minute long projects until my kids are out of the house. Because if they aren’t here to do their fantastic job of keeping-mommy-from-getting-anything-done, then I feel almost compelled to interrupt myself on their behalf.

Because If I’m anything, it’s consistent!

On another note, I’ve noticed that my old body is changing. Not in the “ooh, I’m getting so firm and skinny” way. More like the “Oh my gosh, am I starting menopause already?” way. PMS has gone from WARNING, STEER CLEAR OF MOM FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS to a week long marathon of mood swings and pass-out-where-you’re-standing naps before the actual MS part starts. And the whole vicious cycle is randomly choosing to start whenever it darn well feels like it, rather than every 30 days like it normally does. I feel like I’m a crazy person!

Anyone else out there at my age (35) noticing things changing in that department? Because I thought I had a few more years to go before hot flashes and whiskers become the norm!

***psst…..this is where you tell me all your stories to make me feel better***


nsremom said...

I had to catch my breath from laughing before I could type this. Whiskers? LOLOLOLOL. And MS starts? Ha. I have MS all the time. It's sometimes way worse than the P.

Are you sure you're not sick, as far as the hotflashes go? I've been sick the last couple of days and breaking out in cold sweats. (flu)

I'm so darn sick of my body turning downward.....it's depressing. Gravity stinks.

Cindy said...

No idea what you're talking about... I'm 35 too, and feel about 20.


Yes, I do notice my body changing. Spider veins and mombo-heavy periods and achey joints and muscles and no energy. I have a feeling that I'm going to be one of those old ladies that talks about all my aches and pains. Or even blogs about it.

Way to go on the scrapbooking! Now you just need to schedule more times for it! You'll get faster, I bet.

Gayle said...

Girlfriend, if I would have known, I would have warned you about the scrapbooking addiction. Just stay far, far away from a Hobby Lobby or whatever massive craft store you have up there. Trust me on this.
YES! I am 32 and my cycles are getting way worse. My PMS is starting to be the rule of the month, not the exception and ::gross:: it's like the Hoover Dam broke loose when it does finally get here. For like 3 days. And that's just the heavy part.
I don't think it's menopause, though, I think it's having 4 kids (or at least that's what I'll go on believing anyway).

Halfmoon Girl said...

I hear you on the whiskers- here is the good news on that- they get so big and long now that I can easily find them and pull them out of my neck/chin while waiting in traffic...

My pms seems to be getting worse too. I am ging to be 34 next month. I found the whole cycle to be much more unpleasant after I had my tubes tied.

Anonymous said...

Gayle.....I was just sitting in my naturopath's office crying because I was so tired of the PMS stuff! It's called perimenopause, and yes, it is real. It's the prelude to actual menopause and it can last anywhere from a year to years! I have also heard that it gets worse after one gets her tubes tied, although if you ask your doctor about it, he'll say there's no such thing. All I know is that I am going to support my body nutritionally from here on out so that I can have an easier transition into menopause.

I'm glad you at least got 4 pages done at your scrappy thing. I told ya, you would get addicted to it! I haven't made time to do scrapbooking, because what time do I have to make?? HA! Anyway, it's a good thing to plan into your schedule.

Talk to you soon, keep the posts coming!


Dandelion Momma-Janis said...

I am 35 and, unfortunately, I have hot sweats and other body changes. I thought it was just due to the hysterectomy that I had even though they left my ovaries. I feel better to know that it is just part of life. I know that doesn't make you feel better. Sorry!:)

Angela said...

OK, just reading the other responses has made me feel better. I am (shhh...don't tell) 37 and things have gotten progressively heavier, almost to the point I was thinking something was wrong. They have also gone from a consistent 30 days, down to 27-28. It's nice to know this is normal. Hey, at least some part of me is normal. As for the spider veins...sigh...I keep telling myself it doesn't matter...it's not working.

And yes Emily, gravity stinks! That's why they make the Wonder Bra! But why would you care? You're married to Kevin Costner! he he he!

40winkzzz said...

PMS and spider veins I've had for years, but peri-menopause didn't hit until just after my 40th birthday. And boy did it hit. Then just recently, at 7 weeks shy of 42, I suddenly found myself holding printed material at arm's length to read it (either that, or taking off my glasses). Hoo boy. I'm officially old.

As for scrapbooking... doing a mere 4 pages in 8-1/2 hours would not be unusual for me, even away from the kids. Sometimes it's b/c I'm being too anal, and sometimes b/c I am just relaxed & being a little extra creative.

And yeah, my kids have that job too. I make sure they get their things done, and they make sure I *don't* get my things done. (And my "littles" are 8 & 11!) I actually *gasp* used the electronic babysitter today so I could do a little scrapbooking. Sometimes, ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.

Sharon said...

Right there with ya. At 42. Gee I think I'm older than all of you. Yep the arms are stretching to read too.

The funny thing is it bothers my husband more that me. My mom went through sooo much with hormones etc that I just wanna know how to handle this with a minimum of medical intervention. I got a book to read. My husband was floored. He said it makes HIM feel old that his wife is getting older.

EE said...

I'm not even worrying as much about my body anymore...the lines on my face are what I am obsessing about now:o

Sarah said...

Well, you all have made me feel much better. At 41, I keep getting shorter cycles--this month an all-time short of 24 days from start of one to start of next. I wasn't sure what exactly was happening, although I had my suspicions that I was entering this new stage....

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