July 16, 2007

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

I’ve been missing for a few days, and I’m sure all two of my blog readers kinda figured that out already. Especially since I was WITH one of my bloggy friends this weekend.

Friday, my family and I loaded up for a grand and glorious visit to Whidbey Island, where I discovered that Emily should win the Hostess with the Mostest award! Not only did that woman feed my tons of food, (I think her grand plan was to make me gain back the 8 pounds I had lost) but she thoroughly entertained us the whole weekend.

After dragging out what should have been a four hour drive to a whopping six and a half hours, we arrived much later at night than we intended and were welcomed by a gigantic tray of homemade lasagna which we all managed to devour. Then I attempted to stuff my bloated body into a swimsuit and sink into the hot tub for some girl talk.

Breakfast the next morning was homemade blueberry pancakes and then the husbands and oldest sons decided to cruise the sound, fish and go crabbing while Emily and I did more girl talking….and eating.

Dinner that night was fresh crab straight from Puget Sound and Em’s award winning salmon. As fast as we could beat it out the door, we headed to the local Goodwill for some serious bargain shopping.

A late night run to the grocery store fed our lust for sweets and then we went home and devoured chocolate and carrot cake whilst Em and her husband razzed me over my word choices while playing upwords.

And just for the record and because I always have to be right, MOWN is too a word!


Sunday we spent crawling around the tidepools and poking our fingers in sea anemones. The kids built driftwood forts and swam fully clothed in the freezing bay. After a BBQ of hamburgers, hot dogs and some yummy pasta salad we loaded up our sad children and drove back home.


nsremom said...

when you put it that way....sounds like we only ATE. :) Sortof true in a way.

Loved having ya, a mom on hsblogger thought we were real sisters. I have to set her straight. We're even better than real sisters, we're CHOSEN sisters.

EE said...

Looks like you all had a blast!! Great pictures!!

Cindy said...

Sounds so, so perfect- a weekend to remember forever! Forget Indiana or Vegas, I think I need to come out there! Sounds AMAZING. I'm going to start praying for a friendship like you two have. (Mostly that someone would cook like that for me, but all the other mushy stuff, too.)

LOVE the new avatar and blog top thingy. Did you do that yourself or pay for it? You're so cool.

Rachelle said...

Glad you had so much fun! Loved the pics...also love your new blog look. :-)

Gayle said...

Loved your pictures!
When did you change your header up above? It looks great!

Halfmoon Girl said...

fab new look! Glad you girls had such an awesome time!

Ang said...

Sounds like a fantastic time. Makes me miss my best friend...sniff, sniff.

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