August 23, 2007

Yoohoo, Cindy!

“Have a great time together!! Can't wait to read about what you eat. :) Take a picture of a place you WISH I was sitting with you two this weekend”

From Cindy

Oh Cindy, have you not learned anything about Em and Me. All we need is a little coaxing to make fools of ourselves.

You were with us in spirit over the last 24 hours. And just to prove it…

****The chair you SHOULD have been sitting in at Gayle’s house.

****The car you SHOULD have ridden to the movies in with us.

****The chocolate we picked out for you and promptly ate because you know we just couldn’t stand to waste it.

For the Rest Of The Story you have to go visit Emily’s blog.


EEEEMommy said...

You two are a riot!
And you're pulling off the bangs quite well I must add! :)
You both look gorgeous!

Cindy said...

Yoohoo, Crazy Woman with Bangs,

So why didn't you include the photos of you two actually crying inconsolably and boozing up because you were so bereft without me? I know they exist.

You're paying me back for my chocolate that you ate, too, you know. With interest.

I'm going to come up with a little somethin' somethin' for you two. You just wait.

nsremom said...

ummm....why are there not more comments on our blogs? (I have some spam, but that doesn't count)

I guess nobody gets our freakishly humorous underpants humor.


carrielouise said...

Those are some sad, sad mug shots!

try2bAsunbeam said...

I stumbled upon you from someone else's blog. Too funny! You could've picked up a bar for me, too! I love Turtles!

Cindy said...

I thought I left you a HILARIOUS comment, but I don't see it here. Hmmm...

I think people just are intimidated by yours and Em's incredible senses of humor and feel they can't leave anything nearly as witty in their comments.

Aaron Ivey said...

thanks for your comment on the church stuff! appreciate your thoughts. peace!

Gayle said...

LOLOLOL!! Y'all are so funny!
Heading to follow the Botox linkage.
Oh, and I really do love the bangs, too. ;)

Halfmoon Girl said...

funny, funny girls! Looks like yo had a great time!

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