August 17, 2007

How Many "Cool-Mom" Points Will I Get For This?

Last night was our monthly All Girl Scrapping Marathon in which we eat lots of food, talk about girl stuff and yeah, maybe actually get a few scrapbook pages made.

So when I got home at a little after midnight I lugged back a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries and a scrumptious Brownie Trifle.

And when lunch came around today, and I was still recuperating on the couch, I resisted every good-mommy urge I had and fed them dessert for lunch.

Only Dessert!

My responsible-mommy was arguing that there was NO nutritional value, they would all get cavities, and it just wasn’t right!

But my carefree and fun mommy, who doesn’t come out but once or twice a year, fought hard and won the battle.

And my happy kids think I’m cool……as they bounce off the walls from their sugar high and I catch a few Z’s on the couch.


Cindy said...

You are the greatest mom. I believe I'll take that as permission for ME to have only dessert for lunch. Thanks! :)

nsremom said...

how could that NOT be cool.

I think you're cool. Does that help to get rid of any cavity guilt?

Laane said...

Oh, you should have desert for lunch once in a while.

That leaves no cavities in the menue. LOL!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I need to do that- "cool mom" is not my middle name. Thanks for the idea.

EE said...

Next time you do this, invite ME this idea!!!!

Kathy in WA said...

Wow! You get mega Cool Mom points with that one. I might have to try something like that when my mom-rating starts to take a bit of a nose dive. Right now my middle son is desperately trying to raise some money to buy a new computer game. I pay the kids 50 cents (I know, I know, they should do chores because they are "part of the family." Don't shoot me) for doing a complete laundry cycle - unloading dryer and putting clothes in each child's laundry cubby, transferring clothes from washer to dryer and starting a fresh load.

Anyway, dessert for lunch would be a HUGE hit in my family. Did they get hungry right away afterward? I would be worried (ie annoyed) that they would come clamoring for snacks an hour after such a fun lunch. ;)

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