September 4, 2007

Boy, You Really Find Out Who Your True Friends Are!

I feel so justified! Can I just say a big huggy thank you to all you women who stood by me as I debated the truly monumental truth of the 867-5309 song? What would I do without you guys?

True friends, I tell ya, true friends!


Leanne said...

Well Gayle, I tell ya, I reserved my comments to side step the issue of 867-5309, because I just didn't know if I was to side with Chris, because he so obviously thought he was right, or you, who really WAS right, but trying to be so HUMBLE about it!!!
L O L!!!!!! How hilarious! I guess I would be classified in the "fair weather friends" category then, huh???

And just for further trivia's sake, I believe the girl that the song was sung to was named Jenny.....don't quote me on that!!!!!

(I was a child of the 80's too!!!)


randi---i have to say said...


The first paragraph of Leanne's comment is cracking me up! :)

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