October 15, 2007

Back From Women Of Faith

I had a great weekend at Women Of Faith and dang-it, If I’d let you all know ahead of time I might have had a chance to meet up with some of you.

That would have been a blast!

Here are my roomies for the weekend. (We played beauty shop the night before, thus the straightened hair.)

And now a few more questions:

How did you come to the decision to homeschool?

I remember being pregnant with my first child and thinking about his future. The thought of only having him for 5 years before turning him over to spend the majority of his time with someone else just didn’t settle well with me. I really felt like it was my responsibility to be instilling values in him and training him morally. I knew that academically he would get a satisfactory education in a school but they wouldn’t be able to cover the values and moral issues that we wanted to instill. And since character is much more important (to me) than academics, I felt like he wouldn’t be getting the best education he could have. Only Chris and I could do that. I also knew that I was intelligent enough to cover the academic areas myself so really I had no doubts about approaching his education this way.

What is your favorite homeschooling resource?

I love the rainbow resource catalog. It has just about everything you could want at a discount. So I use that resource the most. I really like the beautiful feet catalog too. That covers my academic resources. My favorite support and “true education” resource (keeps me encouraged and on the right track) is Homeschool Oasis. Their article charts cover everything from whether you’re homeschooling out of conviction, how to homeschool during high school and heart issues in ourselves and our kids. GOOD STUFF!

As soon as I figure out how to put a word document on my blog (any tips???) I’ll answer the scheduling questions. I’ve finally worked out a way to tackle the area of teaching multiple age levels and living in a (mostly) tidy home and I’m really excited to share it. (Hoping it helps someone out there!)


penguinsandladybugs said...

The straight hair looks good....I knew something was different :-) Gotta love a girls night out with their Father!!!

Mary Grace said...

Hey, those are my favorite resources, too! Plus Library and Ed., of course. :-)

nsremom said...

yeah, you can't forget the library! It's like my lifeline. Who can afford to buy every book that homeschooling seems to NEED.

cute hair. I remember you like that for years. Are you going to keep it?

Gayle said...

Love the straight hair...it looks oh so chic. ;)
I bet it took forever though?
I really like Rainbow Resource too.

Leanne said...

The straight hair looks great on you, but I bet it's a lot of work......you look radiant and totally beautiful and so happy!

I must confess, the Rainbow Resource catalog is WAY overwhelming for me! This year, Dave and I branched out in that we are now doing Saxon Math for the 3 older kids, with the DIVE CD for Hannah and Russell, and we are going to be getting Learning Language Arts and some Beautiful Feet stuff for geography and history. So that's really branching out for us, die hard A Beka users....A Beka is great till 3rd grade, but then it is sadly inadequate.

Are you going to share some of the things you learned and that touched you this weekend at WOF? Hope so!


Cindy said...

I'm trying to decide if I can still be your friend. You are too gorgeous. I need a NAS-TAY photo posted next, please.

Halfmoon Girl said...

You all look gorgeous! I like the straight hair too. I do like the curls too though. I haven't used those resources, but then again, I live in a different country. Now that our dollar is at par, maybe I will check them out.

Kathy in WA said...

Gorgeous picture! Don't you all look like a bunch of hotties. :)

How was the conference? Besides the beauty aspect, of course.

Duckabush Blog

Jamie said...

I love the straight hair!

randi---i have to say said...

Cute picture!

My favorite resource is Rainbow also. There catalog is just so gigantic, how could you not love it?

Ang said...

I'm going to go against the flow and say I love your curly hair! Probably because I've always wanted beautiful curls and got the board straight hair instead. I'm sure there's a lesson in contentment somewhere in there.

How was the conference? What was your favorite part? I really enjoyed Patsy Clairmont this year, but then again I always do. She's so dang fiesty!

Sonya said...

I also really like the straight look!

We started homeschooling for many of the same reasons. We feel it's our responsibility to train up our children in the way they should go. My favorite resource catalog is Veritas Press. I also refer to Covenant Home Curriculum. My favorite "help" is Homeshcooling Today magazine, run by my good friends from church.

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