November 9, 2007

And On Top Of The Last Post I Give You This...

Today was my last bazaar (craft fair as you Indiana folk call it) so my husband took the kids to our Homeschool Co-op in my place. After my last box was loaded up and I was heading home from a long day of sitting and selling and sitting some more, my cell phone rang…

“Honey, could you run by the house of the lady that runs the Homeschool Co-op? I need you to pick up our American Express Card.”

“Ummmm, dearest? Why does Sally have our American Express card?”

“Well, Malachi took the credit card out of our office drawer this morning and at Friday school he told a little boy that it had $1000 on it but he would trade it for a piece of candy.”

“You’re kidding right?”

What are the odds that my always-serious husband had just grown a sense of humor? My fingers were crossed but God already parted the Red Sea once, I’m not sure if he’s up too making my husband a jokester too.

But, a girl can hope.

“No! The kid told his mom and the mom told Sally and Sally just called me.”

Sweat breaks out on upper lip…face turns a beautiful shade of frog-belly green…jaw drops to my sagging bosom. Not my best look.

Now I’m not only story fodder for every woman in the entire Co-Op but my son needs some serious training on the value of a good piece of candy. I mean really, not even the best chocolate in the world is worth $1000 a piece.

So our fun filled evening turned into a lesson on stealing, lying, and an in depth discussion on how important it is to learn these lessons while you’re still a little boy.

It might have also helped that we pointed out what happens to little boys who grow up without learning this lesson. Like, say, the exact proportions of a county jail cell or the lack of privacy when you have to use the little toilet sitting in the middle of the room.

I’m just sayin’


ConservaChick said...

What's with our boys this week? My 7 year old... and 5 year old for that matter have been giving me all sorts of grief.
This was pretty funny, you've got to admit it. If it makes you feel better, last Summer I lost my Costco card, only to find it a month later as my son is trying to use it in an ATM "to get some money". Grrr. ~K

Rachelle said...

Hilarious LOL

jewlsntexas said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious - and you know only because it didn't happen to me!
ha ha ha
It is obviously your mission as a blogger to let the rest of us know the things our kids do are normal!

Emily said...

Oh the joys of raising little boys. They just keep the fun comin'.

Hopefully you're at the beach right now relaxing and enjoying yourself. :)

Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh, that is so amusing for me, as a reader instead of as the mother for once! I hear ya, I don't know where they get their creative ideas from, but reminding them about those prison cells once in a while isn't a bad idea!

Shari said...

The joys of parenting. Parenting really is hard work. Remember not to let it get you down, and that it really doesn't matter what others think. Hang in there mama!


EEEEMommy said...

Sigh! It's always something isn't it? I echo the comment above about your mission. It's not that we want other moms to suffer as we do, but it does encourage us that we're not the only ones!
(And just think how much fun you'll have telling his fiancee all these stories someday! ;))

Cindy said...

He makes me smile. :)

So how was the craft fair??? Are you rich? What did you make?

EE said...

LOL! Only a piece of candy??? For that much, he should have gotten the whole bag;)

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