April 30, 2008

Review Of Revolution Money Exchange

A few weeks ago I posted about a short term promotion that was going on with Revolution Money Exchange. They are a new company similar to Paypal. In order to promote themselves they are offering $25 to each person who signs up for their money exchange program. And $10 for each person you refer with a cap at $500 of earnings per person. (Basically it’s a way to buy, sell and transfer money online.)

And there is so much going on these days that is not on the up and up, so it’s hard to tell if you’re stepping into a scam or are fortunate enough to have found a good thing.

Well, I’m here to tell you this is no scam.

Through my initial sign-up and the referrals of my readers I ended up earning $240 in my Revolution account.

And I still wasn’t thoroughly sure if this was going to work or not. It was still, technically, virtual money. It wasn’t spendable yet.

But I transferred the money over to my checking account (no charge) and waited the two days for it to clear.

And lo and behold, it cleared. This is real money, guys!

So real, that my husband, who loves having alone time to journal, and study, and think, and exercise, was sent by me to the beach for three days to be all alone on his birthday.

Not what I would have chosen for my birthday, but exactly what he wanted.

All paid for by Revolution Money Exchange, thankyouverymuch!

So, if you weren’t quite sure about this before but you’re thinking you don’t want to miss this great opportunity to make a few bucks, then click on the link at the top of my sidebar and go check it out.

The promotion ends on May 15th!


Leanne said...

Samantha sucked her fingers. She was actually BORN sucking her fingers.

What I want to tell you is that right around age 6 or so, she decided one day to stop.

I don't have tons of experience with thumbs cause you can't get rid of them....but hang in there, he'll get over it.

And I bet you made a HUGE deposit in Chris's love bank with the weekend at the beach!

Good girl!


Halfmoon Girl said...

I had to re read that- I thought that Chris sent YOU to the beach for HIS birthday. I was like, no kidding, that is not how I would choose to spend my bd- at home without my spouse while he relaxed at the beach! Good for you!

Glad to hear that this made you some moola. I don't know if a Canadian girl like me can do it or not. I will have to check out.

UnlikelySecretary said...

I signed up! I was having some issues yesterday when I tried to get it go through but I think it worked.
I'm Lindsay by the way- and I love reading your blog! :)

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