April 13, 2008

Uh Honey, Where Did The Kids Go?

There are days when my kids work me over so hard that my efforts at being “nice Mommy” should win me some kind of Academy Award or something.

But this is not the answer….

(I know, it’s a little morbid but we thought it was funny and looked like we were digging graves)

That is actually the fruits of our labor from a long, hard, sweaty Saturday of planning our garden.

It’s been eleven years since our first garden and I talk about it every year but just get too overwhelmed with all the work it takes to get it started. I can handle the planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and putting up. What I can’t seem to do is all the building and digging that it initially takes to start a new garden.

And I have a husband who prefers deep thought over physical labor.

But God lit a fire under Chris’ keester this year and he actually got into the whole garden thing with me.

We plotted it all out; where the beds would go, where we would put the fence to keep the deer and elk from trampling it, where the paths would be, and where the gate would open up. Then we snooped in the rafters for the lumber for the raised beds (we do the square foot gardening method) and got down and dirty with the digging.

And after 8 sweaty hours we got our first three beds dug up.

Next: the manure.

The kids are gonna love that!


The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Good luck with your garden! Wish I had the time and discipline to have one myself!

SmallWorld said...

"And I have a husband who prefers deep thought over physical labor."
I love that!! I have one of those, too!

Stretch Mark Mama said...

I'll just have to live vicariously -- have always wanted a square foot garden.

And that first picture? Priceless!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Awesome- I love gardening. We need to build a few more garden boxes this year as well. We have switched to raised beds as we have very sandy soil and everything drains right through it. I am chomping at the bit to get creative in my gardens. I like designing them- I just get lazy with watering and weeding in the lazy daisy days of summer.

Emily said...

That actually looks quite fun!
My husband prefers labor over deep thought. Go figure. :)
At least you got a TON of workout out of the deal. That's the best part! (next to fresh veggies this summer of course...)

Leanne said...

How funny!!!!!!!


Excellent! The garden is a good idea.....remember my salsa??? We're going to do what we call Front Yard Gardening. We have limited space and two dogs, so we have been doing it that way for a few years now....you need to give us out here a list of all the stuff you guys are going to grow!

Maybe I'll pass on a few jars of my salsa!!!


Gayle said...

I will be the only one probably to pick up on the fact that you actually have elk roaming around in your yard...and think that is really cool (since I have never see one of those).
Anyway, SOOOO happy for you to have the crap-work behind you...oh, no..wait. You don't yet. :D

duckygirl said...

I do a bit of wishful thinking each year and dream about gardening. I've only accomplished it once in my life. This year I'm going to feel a bit pathetic as all my neighbors have these giant organic gardens and greenhouses.

So what are you planting??

Rachel said...

We are planting a garden also. Check out my pics if you get a chance.

Happyhome said...

Your titles crack me up! Yes, they do look a little morbid at first glance.

Good luck with the whole gardening thing. I prefer to graciously accept the overflowing bounty of the gardens planted and harvested by friends and family. "No, really, have some more tomatoes. I have too many." Well, if you insist!

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