October 2, 2008

Halloween, If Only...

We've never really done the Halloween thing at our house. It's usually spent celebrating Emily's birthday (which is Oct 31st), hitting a local church harvest party, or turning the porch lights off and watching movies and eating pizza.

But seeing all the costumes in the stores and talking to other kids always brings on the fascination and creativity of costumes.

So today the younger two kids were at Grandma's house so I let the older two watch Edward Scissorhands with me (we had to skip over one section...love that feature on the DVD players). Right now they are fascinated by all things Johny Depp since Pirates of the Caribbean came out.

And after the movie they decided that if they ever had somewhere that they had to have a costume, they would all go as Johny Depp Characters.

Elijah said he wanted to be Edward Scissorhands

Allegra wanted to be Jack Sparrow

They decided Malachi could go as Willy Wonka.

But they were stumped as to what 5 year old, tiny little Gabe could be...until the lightbulb went on over Elijah's head.

"He could be an Oompa Loompa!"



justjuls said...

You forgot some of the best Johnny Depp movies - such as Benny & Joon and What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
Love it!

Halfmoon Girl said...

love it! BUT I cannot handle Edward Scissorhands! The injustice of how he is misunderstood drives me insane. Can't handle movies where someone is framed and set up like that!!! And Willie Wonka gives me the creeps, but OTHER than that, great idea to have all go as Johnny Depp characters. Why do I have so many exclamation marks in this comment?! Is it the sour wine gums I just ingested?!

Latte said...

ahhh, Benny and Joon...when he swings in front of that window...ahhh and chasing his hat, that is such a dorkily romantic movie, but I digress. While we also abhor Halloween we find dressing up super cool! We usually do it jus cuz, but have a rule to not do it outside the home in October just to be clear that our dressing up is not related to Halloween. I have to admit I am such a girl, so I without a doubt would want to be a Pirate! What girl wouldn't...duh=) My kids often play the pirate...they have seen all the ones you listed and that is their favorite.

Very cute idea to mull over with the kids.


Flybaby said...

What ages were the kids that you watched the movie with? That kind of info is helpful to me.

I have a big gap (10 years) between kids, and for at one point I found my olders had been letting my caboose watch movies that were totally inappropriate, and we finally changed that. Now we try to always know what's being watched.

Come visit my blog sometime. I was a friend on homeschoolblogger and I had to change my blog name for internet security reasons. I can now be found at http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/flybaby

Simply AnonyMom said...

I have given you a blog award. See it here:

acer4u73 said...

just came to your site from another one I read. love your posts!!


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