June 29, 2009

The Disapearing Blog

Yeah. I disappear alot on this blog. I'm actually not dead or anything, just busy with real life.

We are still on a dog hunt. The stinky shelter my son was going to adopt a dog from pulled one final blow and adopted the dog to someone else, the day before they told US she would be ready for us to adopt.

Me thinks they didn't like us so much.

It was just one among many strange and awful experiences with this shelter.

So our search continues for the perfect dog companion for my son.

And we're not picky or anything. It just has to be....

house broken
adult (1-3 years old)
small to medium sized
pleasant, cuddly and not hyper
good with kids

ok, so we're picky.

I can't wait to do the post where I get to show you the picture of our new dog and my kids smiling faces.

It's a-comin'.


Michelle said...

Oh, I am so sorry - that REALLY stinks! Good luck with your search!

Leanne said...

I guess that dog (and that place) wasn't the one God wanted for you.

We'll wait to see what happens!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I hope it's soon! Sorry to hear about the last doggy- so disappointing.

Anonymous said...

The day before?
Yeah, that's not so nice.

Sarah said...

Can it be plush?

Anonymous said...

Our shelter is the worst in the state. You could look online at the Olympia shelter. My friend adopted a St Bernard there after the loss of her 12 year old Golden Retriever. There are a ton of dogs available on Craigslist and the Daily News FREE DOGS. The Oregonian too. You welcome to visit my Chihuahua's. They are the smartest dogs on the planet.
I am going to start training them to do circus tricks. They are so smart they surprise me every day.
I will post a video on Facebook.


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