July 27, 2009

Urgh! Heat Makes Me Cranky.

It's 108 degrees and I'm grumpy and sweaty and my clothes are drenched. A trip down town around masses of other people was just a little too ripe for me today. It seems some people prefer a deodorant-less existence in my neck of the woods, which isn't such a big deal unless we're having THE HEAT WAVE TO END ALL HEAT WAVES! HELLO!


So I pulled out the slip and slide and I'm just laying in the middle of it while the kids are screaming at me to get out of the way. Selfish children.

And for some reason all of my kids have decided it's a cuddle day today and have been following me around TOUCHING me all day. TOUCHING. ME. Again with the heat, guys.

I think we're having ice cubes for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Heat+ raging hormones from your monthly visitor is as dreadful as it can get! By the way why'd you send the heat over to the East coast? I'm jut serving a block of ice with mini picks. Ice cubes are too fancy for us!
( ;

Scrapingirl said...

I am having the total opposite weather patterns. It cold up here. We struggle just to get into the upper 70s. We're complaining that the pool is too cold to go in. I hate this kinda weather. I want my kids to play outside, but they won't cuz they can't swim. :) I wish we could take our average and have a good summer.

Anonymous said...

I broke down and bought one of those portable pools at Rite Aid.
I was VERY FRUGAL about it. I waited until they went on summer sale for 25% off and then presented my $10.00 off coupon I had been hanging on to.
So a $49.95 pool came in at $29.00 with tax and everything. I already have an air mattress so have since been laying in the pool.
Maybe I'll blog about it later?

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Thanks for the chuckle. (((Hug)))

EEEEMommy said...

I can't believe you guys are having a heat wave while we're having the most mild summer ever! Oh, and the body odor, I'm blaming the deodorant. I've tried two different kinds and neither of them are working. I'll be someplace (like church) start to smell something, and then realize it's me! And that's in the morning after only applying it a couple of hours before!!! You should smell me at the end of the day!! There are a couple of t-shirts that stink even after I wash them. Seriously! I bet you can even smell me through the computer! I should google increased body odor in thirty-something women to see if I can figure out why I have this sudden increase in stank, or maybe they really have changed the formulas in the deodorant. I don't know, but it's embarrassing and disgusting! I don't want to smell me! And since I know you care, my feet smell too. The new sketchers bike shoes I got at an awesome sale are fantastic, but after I take them off, my feet stink. That doesn't happen when I walk around barefoot.
And since I'm writing this long comment, totally random, but I found the Christmas card that I thought I'd mailed to you months ago buried on my desk. So I hope it brings a huge smile to your face after I find a stamp and mail it to you and you get it...in August! Merry Christmas from your stanky Indiana friend! ;)

Leanne said...


No A/C in our house either....

I got a big chuckle out of your post! Thanks for that.

maudie-mae said...

At least ice cubes won't break your $60/week grocery budget!

Leanne said...


You need a new post!!!

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