March 29, 2010

How many times have I opened the "new post" page and then left? A lot. This past year has been downright weird. No really. I'm talking all kinds of fetal-position, thumb-sucking, soothe-yourself-with-Ben-and Jerry's weird. But I kind of feel like I'm coming up for air. (Oh please, oh please don't make me eat those words, God.) And I know life isn't supposed to be a bed of roses or a bowl full of cherries but right now I'd settle for a life full of dog farts that don't singe my eyelashes. That would seriously be a step in the right direction.

I don't think that's asking for too much do you?

But anyway. As I said, the air thing.....I feel like I'm coming up and getting some fresh gulps. Things are clicking back into place. My sense of humor is rusty but I'm starting to have a chance at the end of my day to look back and see the funny parts.

Like today when Gabriel (who's 6) pointed out that my shirt was too tight and showed my "bumps". That's code for back-fat if you weren't sure. See....funny stuff.

Or yesterday when everyone was in their bedrooms with radios blaring and couldn't hear me hollering for help when I realized there was no clean towel after my shower. And then, just as I decided to make a break out of the bathroom, down the stairs, past the front door and into my basement bedroom, the Fed Ex guy walked by my front window.

Poor guy.

So yeah, life is finding it's normal again. Unfortunately it's my own expense.


Duckygirl said...

I'm happy to hear that you are finding humor in things again and that you are willing to share it with us!

Hoping you are having a fabulous day,

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

You are cracking me up, Gayle!

I am glad that things are settling down and you are getting some encouraging breaths of fresh air.

Praying for you.

Halfmoon Girl said...

oh, is it wrong of me to be laughing???? It is just that sometimes your life mirrors mine- right down to the stinky dog and no towels in the bathroom. I hope that you get some laughs at someone else's expense soon. Okay...what I really mean is that though life probably won't slow down, I hope it settles into an easier, more peaceful pace.

mary grace said...

So happy to "see" you! It's been a heckuva year here, too. Buckle in, baby. 2010 promises to leave no stone unturned!!! :-)

Maria said...

Oh Gayle -
I am where you are...hoping that these gulps of air I am feeling are not to prepare me for the next "thing".

And my laughing is rusty as well BUT this post made me laugh.

I hope things settle down for you and for me! waaaaa

Anonymous said...

Thank God! We have missed you on this end. As for dog me what you are feeding him. I have one with a touchy tummy. I might be able to help.
Elaine C

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