August 12, 2011

Just a Little Freak Out

I'm up to my eyeballs in school planning and the older they get the more bittersweet it is. It's almost like, if I put it off maybe they'll quit growing up?

I think that's perfectly logical.

This year I have a sophomore, freshman, 5th grader and 2nd grader. One I'm helping build resumes and pass certification exams for his career path (computers) and another I'm still working on phonics with. And me, I just want to scream "STOP!" Stop letting the time pass! Stop getting older! Stop becoming adults!

And I'm all teary and poetic and nostalgic about the cute things they say and the daydreams they share and the snuggles they still give me. And I think, "WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO DO WHEN THEY MOVE OUT?" I mean, who's going to laugh at my stupid jokes or watch chick flicks on my bed with me when we are on our periods or hug my neck?

And there I go again...crying.

It could also be PMS...or menopause....Oh MY GOSH!

So husband, if you're reading this, you better start practicing your neck hugs and chick flick watching. Practice your belly laugh and every once in a while pretend you don't know how to spell a word so I can tell you. Maybe you could leave a few wrappers shoved in between the couch cushions and leave your towel on the floor after you take a shower. It just might make me feel better.

OR...piss me off.

But it's worth a try.


Sarah said...

With two pretty small kiddos I often find myself so completely drained that I want to shove 'em out the door. But when I read words like this I realize I need to just love on 'em every single moment because these years are gonna fly.


Barb Shelton said...

With all three of my kids having flown the coupe, I just happen to be in a position to answer ALL your questions!!!!!

Q: If I put it off maybe they'll quit growing up?

A: No. That DID NOT work! (And, believe me, I did more than my share of off-putting!)



A: Well, you will have FUN finding OUT!!! I've had MORE than enough to keep me busy, productive, and walking in God’s will for THIS season of my life! ... And just wait till GRANDPUNKINS come along!!! (which is actually a good idea, whenever possible) (I'm enjoying doing ALL SORTS of things!!!)


Q: I mean, who's going to laugh at my stupid jokes?

A: My hubby does!!! (Chris, you'll have to fill in on this one; Dave's got his hands full with laughing at mine!!!)


Q: ...or watch chick flicks on my bed with me?

A: Dave does that with me, too!!!


Q: ...when we are on our periods?

A: Hmmm… “Zippo” on that one for both of us; one reason being "Male"; the other being "Menopause!!!!"

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

i don't think i'd take that chance if i were him. :)

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