December 20, 2006

Happy Blogaversary To Me

Well, my goodness a year has flown by. Yesterday was my first blog-a-versary! I managed to squeek out 167 entries in the past year while homeschooling and all the other stuff I really SHOULD have been doing instead of blogging.

I looked back over my entries and had a good chuckle. Lot's has gone on during the year and I still can't figure out why in the world I started this blog in the month of December, my busiest month of the year. So if you get a chance, I've picked some of my favs to share with you.

This was my first entry...the entry that started it all....

This is about God's faithfullness to return my missing wedding ring right after a huge loss...

And this....this is real life!

I have made so many sweet friends here in the blogosphere, thanks for reading my stories and being so encouraging to me!

Oh, and don't forget to check out Hubby's new blog. The guy has gone and outblogged me today. TWO blogs in one day!!!!!


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