December 15, 2006

Ho, Ho - Oh, No!

I know you're all feeling it too, but there are only 10 days left till Christmas, and most of our Christmas celebrations start much earlier than that.

I was so proud of my accomplishments this year. I had everything either ordered and on it's way, planned out, or wrapped a good two weeks ago. But there are still a few things left to do and time is flying so I'm starting to panic.

I've got goodies to bake and deliver, as well as 3 jedi robes to finish sewing and a scarf to finish crocheting that I turned out liking so much that I just might keep it for myself. (ooh, isn't that so bad?!?)

So it might be quiet around this here blog until after Christmas. But of course the minute I say that I'm tottally inspired and end up blogging every day. I'm just so dang mysterious aren't I?

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