December 30, 2006

I Need Some Advice

We don't take summer break....we take holiday break from Thanksgiving to New Year. We usually do school once or twice a week during this time, but I really don't sweat it if it's been two weeks and we haven't cracked a book.

But New Year is almost upon us and it's time to get back into gear. I really want to implement a personal devotional time for the older kids. (Ages 11 and 10) I'm just so overwhelmed at the thought that our teen years are approaching and I'm really feeling a sense of, um, panic.

By the teen years I need to be at the stage where I am ready to release them to make their own decisions. I want them to have the opportunity to learn how to be independant before they actually leave our covering and guidance and ARE independant. So I'm really feeling a lack in the area of teaching them to rely on God's word to work out their issues and problems, and also a lack in their personal relationship with Him.

How do I bring it from being Mom and Dad's God to their God?

They've professed faith in Him and have taken steps to commit themselves to Him but I really want them to understand the importance of having conversations with God and listening to His direction in their lives. So my questions to you is this.....

What kind of personal devotion time do you expect for your kids?

I've heard of some people having their kids do a bible reading alone and journaling about it, but I need a little more detail than that. Do you have them do it first thing in the morning? What do they journal on? How do you assign scripture? How do you check in with them to make sure they are actually doing it? What, if any, resources do you use other than the Bible?

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Lainie Rae said...

I have found that "Service" is the key. You need to get your children involved in helping others. The community house, various nursing homes and even reading with younger children at the preschool. You can invoke scripture into these activities that can bring meaning to them at a social, yet personal level.
Of course, this never works with my hormonal, overly dramatic, teen.
It did work with my older child (now 26).
So let me know how it goes.

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