December 7, 2006

My Sassy Dress

I love the Christmas season, not only for the obvious reasons but it provides me with a few more wardrobe options than I get the rest of the year.

I live in jeans and track suits with a ponytail holder holding my curls away from the diapers I'm changing and the food I'm preparing. Otherwise, I get either a strange odor in my hair or someone gets a surprise hair-burger for dinner.

But Christmas means I get to blow the dust off my high heels and shop for sparkly, shiny and stylish dresses. Oooh and I do love to shop!

So this year I found like, the cutest dress EV-ARRR. It was a knee length red silk Kimono that strategically covered my aging upper arms but left my newly found running muscles in my calves looking quite buff, if I do say so myself. It was quite a daring wardrobe change from my normal attire and I felt very modern and hip.

Oh, and the shoes....did I mention the cute peek-a-boo toe black shoes with the arch breaking heels that made me feel all grown up! Sigh, It was a beautiful thing.

But as I got to the party and started getting comments like this....

"So, um, what kind of dress is that?"

"Is that your robe?"

I realized that maybe I wasn't as fashion forward as I thought. Maybe I was the one that everyone at the party was using to break the ice with in uncomfortable social situations.

"Did you see that woman over there wearing her robe? What was she thinking? Oh my gosh she looks just hilarious. Did you hear she doesn't work, she stays at home with her children and won't even let them go to a school. She teaches them at home, poor things."

Oh well, wouldn't be the first time.

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