January 12, 2007

Gifts From My Daddy

The last time I remember winning something was in elementary school. It was the school carnival and I was playing the cake walk. Around and round we went. The music stopped, my competitive nature took hold and I splayed my arms to block the boy in front of me from stepping on my number, thus winning a gi-normous, delectable, fudgy concoction that not only made me glow with happiness but cemented my fetish for all things chocolate.

That was a long time ago.

Since then, I've entered numerous contests and drawings, but with no success. Not even a consolation prize.

So, this morning I was taken aback by a phone call saying that I had been entered into a local grocery store drawing by shopping during their grand opening and was now the proud owner of ...

A cool new Ipod Shuffle.

I ran downstairs to tell my hubby and mentioned that I had written it on my Christmas list (that I never managed to give to anyone) and I actually won it!

His reply?

"Awww...your Daddy (God) got it for you!"

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