February 1, 2007

It's All About The Excitement, Folks!

Most parents classify their lives as Pre-kids and Post-kids.

My Pre-kid years involved an exciting job, a shiny red sports car, lot’s of indulgences, (clothes, travel) late nights and later mornings, and independence.


My Post-kid years are a bit different. The sports car has turned into a people hauler, indulgences include new Wal-mart underwear and maybe a trip to the library, and I still have late nights but the later mornings are only when Grandma has a slumber party.

And independence?

That’s when I get to go to the bathroom All By Myself.

But excitement still prevails in my life. And anyone who has experienced their very own toddler can probably give me a loud AMEN right about now.

Our Gabe, who is 3, never lets me down in the excitement department. He shares a room with his big brother Malachi who is 6. And let me tell ya, the temptation of big brothers special things are a force to be reckoned with. When the lights go out and big brother is fast asleep, that’s the ripest time to touch the untouchables and dig through all those mysterious older boy treasures. We often hear the pitter patter of 3 year old feet running across the hard wood bedroom floor at night and the tell tale noise of drawers slowly sliding open or furniture being dragged across the floor. Many a morning I’ve gone in to wake the boys up to find Malachi buried in an artfully arranged pile of stuffed animals and pillows where Gabe has played and Malachi has slept through the whole thing. Other times I’ve gone in to wake them and bounced my forehead of their bedroom door as I realized some piece of furniture had been slid in front of it sometime during the night.

And that’s just a DANDY way to start your day!

But yesterday morning I walked into a brand new scene altogether. Somehow, Gabe had gotten hold of some kid safety scissors. You know…..the kind that are rounded on the ends and only cut paper?

Well, They Don’t Just Cut Paper!

It looked like that kid had “Partied Like It’s 1999”. There was confetti everywhere. And upon closer inspection the confetti wasn’t of paper. It consisted of his chopped up pillowcase, his sheets, his very own blankey made by his great grandmother, all the blankets stacked in his closet, and the piece de resistance, his brothers favorite blankey that was STILL CLUTCHED IN HIS BROTHERS SLEEPING HANDS!

As you can probably imagine, the mother in me had smoke coming out of her ears in a very cartoonish fashion.

The homeschooler in me felt that was an excellent midnight lesson in motor skills.

And the kid in me said, "Can I play?"

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