February 4, 2007

More Carnage In My House ~or~ Why Is Mama Locked In The Closet With A Bag Of Chocolate?

After tallying all the votes, the award for Providing The Most Bloggy Material must go to my two youngest sons, Gabriel (3) and Malachi (6).

I figured the climax of our week was when Gabe chopped up all the beloved blankies in a frenzy of crazed scissor freedom in the middle of the night. But, in an effort to not be outdone, Malachi pulled one last trick out of his hat and in good ole homeschool fashion, decided to do an experiment on electricity.

This is what it looked like!

Why did I put a safety cover on only one of the outlets?

But, You know that safety pin was just beggin for it. Almost like the serpent in the garden, (“Oh come on, you know it will fit perfectly. Forget what Mom always told you about sticking things in light sockets. Nothing will happen. In fact, it will open a secret door filled with all kinds of toys and candy. Yeah, that’s right, it’s a portal to Candyland.”) I can just imagine what was going on in Malachi’s sweet little blond noggin.

But in a totally immature moment can I just say, “I told ya so!”

So, this is what a 6 year old looks like when he has finished his self taught lesson in electricity.

Fortunately he came out unscathed. I’m off to hide all matches, sharp knives, and poisons because I still have two kids who haven’t contributed to the blog lately and I think I’m just fine with that.

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