February 6, 2007

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I was reading countrymomof4 and nsremom and saw their list of favorite things, which made me think, “What could I not live without?”……….

Rusk Jele Gloss (hair lotion for my curly hair) otherwise I’d have a 3 foot tall ‘fro sticking out from the top of my head.

Flavored soda water to replace my love of pop!

Milk Chocolate…..and that’s all I have to say about that.

My gi-normous wedding ring. (ok, I know there’s lots of you out there with bigger and better wedding rings but it has lot’s of EXTRA meaning behind it) By the way I DID find it!

Paperbackswap.com……it’s like an addiction or something!

Bath and Body works Mentha-lip shine. It’s a creamy lip balm and is some kinda yummy mint flavor. I have to hide it or Gabe will suck it right out of the tube.

Tweezers to remove those nasty hairs between my eyebrows and the even nastier ones that sneak out on my chin like some kind of bearded lady at the circus. (oh gosh, did I just say that?)

My treadmill, because even when I’m just looking at it I break out in a sweat and that’s gotta count for at least a few hundred burned calories, right?

So what about you?

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