February 5, 2007

Family Movie Reviews

We watched two really great family movies over the weekend. The first was One Night With The King. It's a new movie that just came out on DVD and it's the story of Esther It's pretty close to the Bible story but not exact. The part I was really pleased with is that they could have gone way overboard with all the harem scenes and lots' of s*(ex) but.....they didn't! I kept waiting for something to cross the line and it just didn't. Even the costumes were modest. So I highly recommend it.

The next movie was Facing The Giants and I just can't say enough about this one. I was really expecting a low budget, cheesy christian movie but I was very surprised. Again, we ALL could watch it. In fact I have no idea why it wasn't rated G instead of PG. It tells the story of a christian football coach who renews his faith in the midst of all kinds of trials. We all teared up quite a few times and it doesn't shy away from being bold in representing the man's faith.

So is Hollywood finally getting it that the Christian community would like some decent stuff to watch?


But these are definately worth watching!

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