April 17, 2007

One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure

Malachi, who’s 6, loves hand me downs. What can you expect from a kid who thinks Goodwill is the only place to get new clothes? (Yes, brainwashing can be a good thing.) So he is constantly asking us if we have “anything we don’t want anymore”. His brothers and sister give him old toys and clothes, I give him old craft supplies I’m not going to use and hubz has been known to give him his old trophies, office supplies and dead cell phones.

So today while foraging for used treasures, Daddy gave him an old tape recorder. He was giddy with excitement and immediately began recording every thing he could think of.

Let me just tell ya, that can really stop a mommy in her tracks knowing that all her scolding, phone conversations, and bathroom noises were going to be played back at a later time for whatever crowd happens to be available.

But Malachi soon realized his own noises were more entertaining. So all day I have had the pleasure of listening to recordings of burps, farts, screams, hysterical giggles, more burps and farts and a few nursery rhymes thrown in there for good measure.


So much fun, girls, so much fun!

I can only imagine what kind of horrific dreams I will be having tonight!

1 comment:

EE said...

Too funny...don't ya just love those boys????

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