May 14, 2007

The case of the missing remote!

Well, all kids were in bed. It was a peaceful night and the postman had earlier delivered our next installment from Blockbuster of 24. (Just in case you don't know it's a very addictive T.V. drama series. We don't have cable by choice so we rent when we want to watch something.) I slipped the disc in and sat on the couch with my husband who had popped the popcorn and gotten the drinks ready. Blankets draped, feet up, I let out a big relaxed sigh and reached over to the coffee table to get the remote and press play. My hands grabbed air. IT WAS GONE!

Did I mention we are a bit addicted to the series? My usually calm husband jumped from his cozy spot on the couch as we quickly ransacked the family room with no results. Then we moved to the basement, the dining room, laundry room, living room and frantically, the fridge (?).

By now my house looked like a tornado hit and still no remote. Can you believe that you can't manually push a button and turn the thing on? We must have looked for 2 hours, in every place we could think of and in desperation I marched up the stairs to wake up my 10 year old son so I could question him. Picture this...dark room, light bulb glaring in his face, shaken awake by a crazed woman. It was like an official interrogation. Our conversation went something like this:

"Elijah...Elijah...its mom...wake up. Elijah? Focus Elijah...Hi, yes it's mom, are you awake? (Duh!) Elijah... (Very slowly) Where--is--the--black--remote? Elijah? Elijah! Do you hear me?" Big sigh. I couldn't get the poor kid to wake up and thankfully he didn't remember it in the morning. We finally gave up and went to bed, but it haunted our dreams all night.

When we woke up the next morning we decided to offer a reward to the "finder of the remote". We scraped together the cash in our wallets (a whole $2) and laid down the ground rules.

Oh, and the winner gets $2.

Off they ran like women lined up outside a department store the day after Thanksgiving; frantic, rushed, elbows pushing. But after 45 minutes, they too couldn't find the remote. So, I decided I needed to take a shower, go to Wal-mart and buy a new one. As I rinsed out the last bit of conditioner I heard the pitter patter of…. A HERD OF ELEPHANTS running up to my bathroom. Usually this means someone has made someone else mad and they are coming to tattle. But today it meant nothing but good news. My darling daughter, the only other female in the house, my hero...had solved the case of the missing remote. It was hiding in the couch cushions the whole time!

***previously posted on Dec, 23, 2005


EEEEMommy said...

Couch cushions?!? That's usually the third place we look! I thought you'd tell us that you'd found it in the shower. :)
Regardless, I'm relieved for you that your dear daughter found it! I had to laugh at you attempting to wake your son, THAT sounds like something I would do! :)
We have managed to avoid 24 thus far. Although we've gotten hooked on other things.

Halfmoon Girl said...

That is so frustrating. Hope you get another chance to watch your show.

Rachelle said...

As a fellow 24 addict, I fully understand your panic. LOL Two weeks ago our old DVD player started acting up during one of the final discs of season 4. Jeremy had he went to Wal-Mart and bought a new DVD player. He was back in 15 minutes (from driveway to driveway!) and we continued to feed our Jack Bauer addiction. ;-)

jtcosby said...

Gayle, if you want to email me, I can talk to you about the media...otherwise, I might even delet my's been a rough week, please pray for our little corner of the world (friends of our...who are like family are struggling). Thank you!!

EE said...

My husband and I were once so desperate, that we offered $10 bucks to the finder of the missing remote.
It was found in between my boxsprings and bedframe:0

Robin said...

We are 24 addicts at our home too! We watched seasons 1-5 by renting the DVD's - I hate watching season 6 on tv - you have to wait a whole week in between!

Congrats on the weight loss!

ConservaChick said...

We have two remotes. That way when one gets lost, the other is usually around. We have lost them both before... let's just say "if daddy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" Whew, my hubby is SO mellow about most things, but the remote is sacred, especially when 24 is on. I'm considering buying a 3rd (+;

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