June 9, 2007

Hormones and Swelling.....NOT what you're thinking!

Thanks for the great ideas for my new neighbors! I knew you guys would steer me in the right direction.

We’ve been remodeling my oldest son’s bedroom over the last few days. He donated his bunk beds to his two younger brothers and has been sleeping on the floor for a few weeks. Gabe (3) has graduated from his toddler bed to the bottom bunk which has brought so much excitement to our house….mostly in the form of getting up in the middle of the night to chase him back into bed.

Such fun!

So we are transforming Elijah’s little boy room into an almost 12 year old pre-teen room this weekend. I wish I could just wave my magic wand and the paint and the furniture would be in all the right places. Instead, my husband roles over in bed at night and gives me “the look” while I stare back at him with dried paint on my nose and in my hair. I might as well be toothless and unwashed for two weeks.

“Uhhh, maybe tomorrow night,” he says.

Yeah, sure thing, honey!

Our 6 year old, Malachi, has officially carried on the family tradition of seasonal allergies. We thought he and his youngest brother might have escaped this plague but he came in from playing outside last night and peered at us through a swollen face. The likes of which I haven’t seen since looking in the mirror crying as I was 9 months pregnant and near to 200 lbs.

How sweet! He looks just like his mama.

And Allegra, my darling pre teen daughter, bringer of fresh new hormonal emotions into the house, has been in her bedroom for two days practicing the fine art of the pout. To which I might add, she has exceeded her teacher in all ways.

“Oh why, cruel world, must my brothers get new things and not I???????” (Insert pitiful sob and quivering lip here.)

And the chant in my head goes something like this……Chocolate…Chocolate…Chocolate!


Leanne said...

Hey Gayle, me again......what are you going to do with Gabe's toddler bed?? I need one for Sofia soon, as she is right now sleeping in the living room in her pack-n-play every night., and she's now 15 months old..... Would you consider lending it to us on an almost permanent basis???

We haven't tackled Russell's room yet, he can't make up his mind between themes, such as jungle, ocean, travelling, etc, etc, etc......he agonizes and wants it to be perfect, because all the thrifty guy can think of is how much money we'd be spending, and what if it isn't right, and what if it gets ruined, and what if, and what if, and what if...poor guy! Hopefully Elijah's bedroom renovation is going well......isn't he helping????

If you and Chris would be willing to give your toddler bed, or loan it to us, we will be gone from Monday thru Thursday in Leavenworth, but we'll be around next weekend if you want to call us or whatever, even email me.......Thanks!!! Keep the hilarious blogs coming!! Leanne

nsremom said...

The student has surpassed the teacher on the art of pouting, huh? I don't think you are the pouting type....to simplistic. Not nitt-gritty enough with ACTION required immediately. :)

It made me a bit queasy when you mentioned that Elijah was almost 12. TWELVE. Say it aint so.

12 is old Gayle.

Almost as old as our husbands.

Dee said...

LOL Great writing. Just came across your blog via the random button. We homeschool too -- ages 17 (done this month), 15 and 12. D

blackpurl said...

You definitely have you hands full! Hope the redecorating goes well!

Rachelle said...

I wasn't thinking anything!! Why...what were YOU thinking? ;-)

Halfmoon Girl said...

What a funny post- I can so relate to a busy household full of individual personalities.

Cindy said...

Hee hee hee. Glad to have my dose of Gayle back this morning. How about for a belated bday present for your cyber friend you blog EVERY day?

Caroline said...

Great blog - just dropped by and will probably become a 'regular.' Keep up the good work.

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