June 25, 2007

Message from Mars

****I'm away helping my sick mom and grandma. So I asked my hubby to be Guest Blogger for a day.****

This is Gayle’s man calling from outer space…way out…specifically, Mars.

Following a crash course in corporate ladder climbing, this former VP jumped ship to row a family boat. Coming home to the love of my life and mother of my kids, I got a better picture. Check it out!

My girl makes my cup of coffee most mornings, breakfast for five, lunch for six, and often dinner for twelve. She cleans up a 2,900 square foot three-story house that her hubby’s honey do list is probably three years behind schedule.

Our youngest son thinks he’s a yard fountain making rainbows with pee-pee. He chews a pack of gum and leaves it on the floor for momma to clean up. Gabe the Babe and Chi the toothless guy form a dynamic duo for late night spitting contests from the top bunk bed. Then they rise up early for choir practice with the wonder pre-teens bombarding my babe with constant questions, complaints and clamoring about the birds and bees, abc’s, 123’s and their five reams of refrigerator art.

How’s my gal do it?!? With a wink and a whistle, she dashes to care for an ailing relative. In between mowing the lawn, she makes a delicious dinner and delivers it to a family who recently birthed a newborn.

Following a quick cash flow and budget meeting, she determines the viability of buying wholesale rather than from local retail grocers.

She paints our first-born sons’ room with style and gives our daughter a mani-pedi. Wonder woman recruits our princess for retail therapy. Therapy for me that is. Her purchases derive from trading stuff we all forgot about. She takes some 1960’s item or a Goodwill bargain and turns a 250% profit – tax-free. She clothes our kids in styles they love and teaches them her talent for thrift and gift. She is off to bake chocolate desert and plant flowers teaching the wide-eyed crew about life. Snapping pictures to record the adventure and bundle them into scrapbooks for future generations.

I’ll tell you something else…Gayle’s the real deal…she’s my righteous Babe!


Cindy said...

Wow. Your man adores you. (If I buy Finding the Hero in your Husband, will mine write a post like this??)

I knew he had to adore you- who wouldn't? But the fact that he actually NOTICES the things you get done. Now that is amazing.

I'm so happy for you, sweet Gayle, that your man sees his righteous babe and tells the world.

Gayle said...

Wow! I am just impressed that you know what a "mani-pedi" is!
That was a very sweet tribute to your girl...:)
The other Gayle

Halfmoon Girl said...

Awesome post- I wonder what my husband would write???

Anonymous said...

A family made in heaven!

Halfmoon Girl said...

No Gayle, I already tried Magic Eraser- after I washed as much as I could off with a mixture of borax, dish detergent and water.

Angela said...

I think I would print that one out Gayle and hang it on the fridge...right on top of the reams of art your kids made for you. That one's a keeper and so's your man!

Shari said...

Wow! What a cool tribute. What an awesome encouragement to hear a man praise his wife! And to think...God feels that way about his bride!

Way Cool!


EE said...

You're making the rest of us look bad, Gayle;)

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