July 12, 2007

Confessions and Dirty Little Secrets

Jessie at Overflow of a Forgiven Soul tagged me for the 8 Random Things About Me meme. So here's my dirty laundry for all to see.

1. I kill pets. I don’t mean to but all of our pets have come to some dire end in our care.

2. I’m a dork in social situations. Sure I can blog coherently but in person sometimes what spews from my mouth comes out sounding like I’m trying our for a Helen Keller movie.

3. I still like to color but I get really mad when my kids want to reach over and color on my page and mess up my beautimous picture.

4. My favorite drink is English Breakfast Tea with french vanilla creamer and two equals.

5. I’m married to a man who refuses to believe that I could ever possibly pass gas. He gets mad if I say excuse me because then he can’t ignore it and has to admit that it truly did come from me.

6. Sometimes I do #5 just to make him mad.

7. I have a bit of an evil streak, as evidenced above.

8. I have been using the same old clock radio that I’ve had since I was 10. That’s 25 years folks!

Your turn!


EE said...

I'm a dork in social situations, too! The things that come out of my mouth can be so darn embarrassing!!!!
My mom often says, "Erin, why does everything that crosses your brain have to come out of your mouth? You need to learn to filter."

Jessie said...

ROFLOL!!!! These were so cute! I enjoyed reading your random facts. Thanks for playing along.

(((Big Hugs)))

nsremom said...

a 25 year old RADIO? how'd you do it girl? that's like...vintage.

Halfmoon Girl said...

That was funny. I like the gas comments. My hubby doesn't like a super gassy wife either...

Angela said...

You make me laugh Gayle! I would love to meet you IRL just to see if you are as dorky as you claim! I doubt it.

I read your What Doesn't Work for Me post yesterday and have found myself chuckling several times since. "Your pillows"...what a hoot...pun intended!

Jill said...

My hubby acutally giggles and I think he is secretly a little proud when let out a "good one." I can totally relate to the coloring thing. I think I need my own coloring book.

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