July 30, 2007

Life In The Fast Lane

The dictionary describes it as:

An exciting, active style of living that usually involves great wealth.

Sometimes I pine for that.

How nice it would be to have a life full of exciting meetings, world travel, no money worries, lunch with friends and dinner at The Club, important cell phone calls that aren’t from my 12 year old wondering where the scotch tape is.

An actual REASON to wear a hands free headset in public!

I’m sure I’d have not-a-care in the world and I’d obviously be a size 4 with a closet full of stylish clothes. Any sweat pants are sure to be color coordinated, stain free and have some questionable and suggestive phrase stretched across the teeny-tiny butt.

I’d be admired and respected, never have pony-tail days, and my teeth would be as white and blinding as sun on fresh snow.

But I’ve found there’s a faster lane than that.

This is the lane where

  • a potty training toddler needs to use the bathroom while you’re in the middle of a somber wedding….in the front few rows… pinned in by a sleeping lady and an already drunk man who tries to pat your bottom on the way by.
  • A soccer player realizes he forgot one shin guard just as your dropping him off for his game, AND just as you have 5 minutes to get another soccer player across town for practice.
  • A mommy finally gets all four kids in bed….an hour late…and relaxes on the couch only to find there is no chocolate left in the house except what’s melted on the couch cushions.


In a way.


Oh, yeah!

But the great wealth part?

It usually involves little arms wrapped around an exhausted neck and whispering, “I love you Mommy, you’re my princess.”

I guess wealth is in the eye of the beholder.


ConservaChick said...

Sweet post. The overly white teeth and tiny slogan butts scare me. Extreme wealth would be nice, but hey, it often seems like the more money we make the less we have, why is that? And if I had millions, would I still be complaining about the price of milk???? ~Karlie

Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh, I so know what you mean. Sometimes I catch myself missing the value in my role as mommy and those moments where it becomes clear again are amazing! Someone like Paris Hilton may have a tiny body and enormous wealth, but she wouldn't last an hour in my shoes and I wouldn't trade with her anyways!

nsremom said...

And in the 'other' fast lane, they don't eat at Taco Bell....nuff said.

how could I go through life without eating at Taco Bell once or twice a month?

on my teeny tiny butt I'd have the words....I'm worth it. (just kidding) I abhor the butt print pants.

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

It's all about priorities. It sounds soooooooo cliche...but I just know that I'm not going to be lying on my deathbed wishing I had been skinnier...or had lived in a bigger house.

You love and you are loved. That's a wealthy life if I've ever seen one! :-)

Rhen said...

Absolutely love this post!!
All for His glory, ~Rhen

Leanne said...

I was just telling my husband yesterday that I felt rich, wealthy and content in my life. Your poignant posts are so right on.....I'm tellin' ya, you should put them all in a book, you know??

In that other life, her closet is full but her heart is empty....

She gets important cell phone calls, but does she hear from God?

She rubs shoulders with influential people, but has she ever gotten down on her knees with the Most Influential?

I wouldn't trade with her for money,beauty or fame.

I have all of those with the Lord, where I have laid up my treasures of wealth, and Who sees me as beautiful, and Whose fame I praise and worship!


Cindy said...

My favorite kind of posts... you had me laughing and loving your funny heart and then at the end I had tears in my eyes and was loving your sweet momma heart.

EE said...

Great post!!

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