July 29, 2007

An Extremely Important Poll On The State Of My Attire

*names and ranks have been changed to protect myself since I’m not sure who exactly, in my near family reads my blog. Wait a minute. Who am I fooling? They’re gonna figure this out anyway!

Let’s say I have an Uncle-in-law; a senior citizen widowed Uncle with a girlfriend. And let’s just say that her name is Marge.

Now, I like Marge. But the family has some issues with her. Namely, that she has filled the shoes of a beloved and much missed relative. But darn it if Marge isn’t just a hoot.

We’ve both been brought into this family by one of their men so I feel like we have a connection right there. But to top it all off, she speaks her mind and is a bargain shopper extraordinaire. To my mind….what’s not to love?

But the family loves to belittle her behind her back about her thrifty ideas and her bossy ways and her general sense of “Not Being the Women Who Used to Fill That Spot”. They aren’t mean; they are just having a hard time letting go.

So it’s a common inside joke to refer to something that is cheap or maybe a little bit tacky by saying, “It looks like something Marge got at a garage sale.” Which basically I don’t get, because I think that’s a good thing!

I’m such an outcast!

So in comes my shopping spree this weekend.

I just happened to have a gift card to Macy’s that was burning a hole in my pocket. My wardrobe has hit an all time low and since I’ve now lost 10 lbs recently (shameless pat on the back, there) everything is fitting a little saggy-er.

And I just found THE cutest shoes on the 50% off rack to go with the $17 dollar dress I had just purchased.

And I mean THE cutest!

I swiped up the shoes and came home to model them for my hubby and daughter….the boys could care less. But when I pulled the dress over my head and then slipped the shoes on, what does my husband say?

“Those look like something Marge would buy!”

If I had a rubber band in my hand, I would have shot him with it square between the eyes!

So whaddya think?

Cute or Tacky?

Oh, and remember my gift for limericks? I can write the naughty ones too so watch it!


Halfmoon Girl said...

I love those shoes- and you have such pretty feet too! Congrats on losing those 10 lbs.

nsremom said...

I have shoes like that but they're light colors. They're BORN shoes and cost about $22 at Ross....(which I hate btw) but were originally a lot more. Moral of the story? They look cuter on you than me....:)

and wtg on the 10 lbs! That's such good motivation for me sister! You rock on.....get back to a size 6 and it'll really help me. :) (isn't it all about me....wasn't this post about me?.....me, me, me.....)

and who is Marge? I'm trying to decipher your 'code.' :)

Cindy said...

SO, so cute! Boys don't know anything about shoes. You've come to the right place, girl.

WOW! Congrats on the 10 lbs! I really should lose 15 but I'm heading now to finish off the Razzleberry Pie for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I think the shoes are very cute/hip/cool/funky. Good job on the weight loss.

PS- loved the bodily functions post!

Everyday Mommy said...

Absolutely cute!

laura said...

My feet have never been cute in sandals, yours look so nice! (the shoes are cute too) Maybe it's the fact that yours look tan and mine are very pale....either way, great buy!

Tamara Cosby said...

Very cute! Wish I had cute feet to put in them!! Hubby needs a quick talking to about the world of accessorizing...

AWESOME about losing weight...I believe you sent it here...sigh...

Thanks for the great laugh last night, I was CRACKING up to the point I had to call my mom and read your comment about the scissors and the blanket to her, she loved it too!!

Angela said...

Marge, smarge...those shoes are adorable! The only thing missing is a cute little toe ring to go with them. ;o)

ConservaChick said...

With the right outfit, those shoes are great! Oh and I'm jealous of the 10 pound weight loss! I've been pluggin' along, slowly and have only lost 5 pounds over the last 3 weeks. That is taking WAY too long, but hey, 1 more pound and I'm back in the 140's, which is nowhere near done, but a milestone none the less. ~Karlie

Leanne said...

What can I say that everyone else has already said??

Your shoes are great. I tend toward shoes kinda like that, I know, big surprise, given how painfully conservative I am!

Wow, you're doing great on your weight loss too....hopefully you aren't going to go too bonkers on it, though. What are you doing to lose weight? Keep up the good work!


Rhen said...

Cute and lots of personality!! Sounds like I would like to shop with Marge. :)

All for His glory, ~Rhen

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Ok, so yard sales are FABULOUS - send Marge to shop with me!

I also love the shoes! Fun colors - go for it!

Oh - congrats on 10 lbs. WOW! I am new "around here", so I don't know the "secret", but keep it up!

Mama Bear June said...

Cute shoes and your hubby definitely deserves a rubber band SNAP right between the eyes. ;-) Congrats on the ten pounds gone! Path to Health

EE said...

With the right outfit, the shoes will look great!
You have nice feet...and I don't mean that in a weird foot fetish way:o

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