July 27, 2007

Ode To Fair Cindy

My friend Cindy just cracks me up. After yesterday's post where I could think of NOTHING to write about that didn't involve gross bodily functions she left me this comment....

"Next time you're out of ideas, maybe you could just blog about me... like how much you admire me; how you wish you could be my next door neighbor; how I've taught you everything you know; I'm your inspiration, etc. If you want me to type up a rough draft for you, let me know."

Well Cindy, you asked for it!

Ode To Fair Cindy
There once was a girl with red hair
Who was beautiful, kind and fair
She could make people laugh
Without causing a gaff
And was witty beyond compare

She liked to make friends on the net
But most of them she hadn’t met
So they all formed a coup
So they could meet you
And to Vegas this winter they’ll jet

In the meantime we’ll read your blog through
And we’ll laugh and we’ll cry right with you
We’ll admire you from far
Cuz we think you’re a star
And we know that you think we are too.


Cindy said...

This is TRULY your best work yet. Publishable, even!


You've had me smiling for 30 minutes now as I rush through cleaning my house. You are hilarious, you make me laugh, you made me feel loved.

And you are SO right. I think you and other fair maidens we know ARE stars.

javamamma said...

what a sweet tribute! i've really enjoyed cindy's blog since i 'discovered' her. and today's post was a hoot! (as well as her hubby's comment on it)

Halfmoon Girl said...

Awesome Gayle! I second your poem. I like Cindy too!

Gayle said...

Love this! You are so sweet...I wish all of our blog friends could all come together and just hang out for about a week...

Loretta Speaks said...

That's great. You're a true freind. :)

Rachelle said...

This is so great. I love it!

Leanne said...

Gayle....is that original prose, straight from your pen, uh, I mean keys?? I'm utterly impressed! And being a wordy person myself, that's saying a lot!

Our house is in upheaval once again, as Dave and the three older kids (well, the two older girls, right now) are painting our room...so that leaves me out here, barred from my very own room, with a 6 year old, a 4 year old, and a 16 mth old.....I'll leave the rest to your imagination!

The windows look spectacular, you ought to buzz on by and look at them! They were worth it! Come to think of it, wait a while and then I can show you my "new" bedroom!!!!

Anyway, I have time on my hands while I wait for the bread to be done rising so I can bake it, then I'm off to shop for Oldest Girl's birthday present....whew, I totally amaze myself!

talk soon! Leanne

ConservaChick said...

Hey, If you're really going to Vegas, I'm coming too! ~Karlie

chickadee said...

hey where's my ode? can we meet in arkansas instead? i'm really lazy about driving. plus i'd love to meet all of you crazy gals.

Gayle said...

We are in the planning stages of a bloggy meeting. When we get details I'll spread the word. But Vegas seems to be the cheapest place to fly into so I'm sure that's where it will be.

Tessa said...

That was good, Very sweet!
Go check out my Mom's blog she is having a contest... here's her link


nsremom said...

uuummmmmm. I'm speechless.

I used to think I could write...until you came along.

you missed your calling.

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

This is GREAT....

I just "met" Cindy today through her blog and loved it. Now I love yours, too.

I'll be back! (said in my most non-Terminator-ish voice, of course!)


Rochelle said...

I'm very impressed! Such talent! But more importantly, when someone (see Cindy's comment) can say, "you make me feel loved" then you can rest assure that you did an awesome thing!! :)

EE said...

I wrote a limerick once in school...got in major trouble, and they called my parents:0
Yours is much better...very cute!

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