July 17, 2007

To Defend and To Serve?

I was standing in line at the post office and I overheard a lady behind me having a conversation. The contents of the conversation so disturbed me, that I’ve been rolling it over in my mind ever since.

One of the women was talking about her daughter in the military. She signed on when she was 18 and her five year commitment was almost fulfilled now that she was 22. But unfortunately the daughter was just informed that in January she would be shipped out to Iraq. The daughter decided that to avoid having to go to war, she would intentionally get pregnant. She did just that, and succeeded in outwitting her assignment and the mother was so proud. Her high point was not only that her daughter wouldn’t have to go to war, but that she would also get a whole year off to take care of the baby.


Here’s my thoughts:

I definitely have some strong feelings about women even being in the military. I love my country and I sometimes just take it for granted, but I am so happy that some feel called to defend our country and protect me, my family, and my way of life. It’s an honorable profession and a need in our country. And God made men to be warriors and protectors, not women. There have been exceptions, but I just PERSONALLY don’t feel that in general it’s a great place for women,

(this is me cringing as I await nasty comments)

But here’s what really got under my skin. The military is not a scholarship program. Sure they throw a lot of perks in there to recruit people and I have a bit of a problem with them selling the military life by promising college and travel and maybe not explaining real heavily that hey, you just might die! But, when you sign up, you’re promising to defend our country with your life. And lots of people have done just that.

So I find it just a bit disturbing that a woman would use her unique, womanly, feminine ability to bear children as a means to avoid the commitment to serve her country.

Where is the honor in that?

Kind thoughts please?


Halfmoon Girl said...

I think that these are very valid thoughts. To be honest, I don't think that mommies should be volunteering for the military. Is that narrow minded?

Tamara Cosby said...

I am totally in agreement with you about women in the military. I believe we have different calling's than men...I don't think that is a bad thing, just different...as for getting pregnant to get out of going somewhere...at what point do the women who want equal rights realize you can't have equal rights and do things like that at the same time? I am not wording this correctly but I am trying to say I agree with you...

Gayle said...

I completely agree. What she did was manipulative.
My Mark was in the Navy when we were first married, and you wouldn't believe how common it is to do something like that. It is completely wrong and unfair.

Deborah said...

I must say from an outsider we are not part of that war, woman are intent on been like a man it makes my heart break, I love been a woman and been able to have my man as the warrior, indeed God made man wild at heart! not women. loved your blog. love always me

Veronica said...

I would like to politely point out that our current military simply could not survive without the contributions of thousands of women. We should be grateful for the commitment and sacrifices those women have made for the rest of us.

As for the woman who got pregnant to avoid deployment - you only know the bit of story you overheard in a post office, which is really just gossip. I wouldn't want to judge a stranger by gossip.

Gayle said...


Whew, thanks so much for handling that nicely. I'm ok with disagreement but I was sure I was putting myself out there for slaughter.

Your right, women have made a huge contribution throughout history and yes this was overheard in the post office, but even just taking this straight from the woman I heard it from, it's appaling that she would think that was ok.

Gayle said...
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nsremom said...

brave, brave, brave Gayle. You surpise me, you non-politcal gal you.

I'm certainly okay with women in the military...not mine, but other women if that's what they want. but combat positions? I don't personally think that's okay. But hey, who am I? just a peon who doesn't know everything.

no really, I don't know everything....(shocked?) :)

getting pregnant for the sort of reason? pretty desparate if ya ask me.

Shari said...

I am in agreement with you. I do have a sister-in-law in the military but I personally don't believe that God is calling women to the military. How many men would step up to the plate if they felt needed?


Leanne said...

Hi Gayle...it's amazing that, just by the comments on your post topic, I'm certain that the majority of women do not want to have anything to do with war or the military at all. Women crusade for the right to be just like men, and then when they get their wish, they complain and gripe and try to get out of it. It just about rips my heart in two! I'm proud to see that my husband is a strong warrior for our family, and that our places are clearly defined in our home, and I take joy, and have been utterly blessed, since I have come into my rightful place. About getting pregnant to avoid the hole she herself dug, wow, now women are using babies as an excuse! If MY heart is breaking, I think of how GOD's heart feels.....thanks for posting a very timely and right-on topic! Love Ya! Leanne

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