July 18, 2007

Here Is Where She Gives A Word Of Advice

Just when I thought I had nothing to blog about today.

Picture this… The witching hour; that special time where mommy has had about enough. It’s Post Dinner, Pre Bedtime. Dishes are stacked high, spaghetti is stuck to the walls, and Gabe must poop. The kid is three years old and yes, still won’t poop on the toilet. Instead he does an amazing version of the jitterbug while we all scramble to find a pull-up. It’s a mad game of beat the clock as we gauge the pitch of Gabe’s cries to determine how franticly we must search.

But wait. Mom just realizes that the last pull-ups were taken on our trip to Whidbey and used there. Mom forgot to buy more. Sounds like it’s time for Mom to quietly sneak of to the laundry room and let Daddy handle this one.

Daddy finds a swim diaper. “This should do the trick,” he thinks, and slides it up Gabe’s legs.

Relieved, Gabe sneaks of to a quiet corner to do his job. Hey, even though he’ll be on his back with his legs in the air in just a few minutes, a guy’s gotta have SOME privacy.

But wait. What’s that I hear? A new cry coming from Gabe. He waddles over to Mom (why won’t they EVER go to Dad first?) just as a lump of poo begins to bulge out of the leg of his swim diaper and make a slow rolling path down to his sweet little feet…that I just scrubbed in the bathtub not 5 minutes ago.

Word Of Advice?

Swim diapers do not hold chunks. They only hold whole swimming pools full of already peed-in liquid.

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water.


EE said...

LOL!I knew those swim diapers were good for nuthin'!

Halfmoon Girl said...

The things we learn as parents! Not a day goes by here without a pee/poo experience!

Anonymous said...

you are giving me fits of laughter here.

nsremom said...

your life is full of....


you fill in the blank.

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