August 9, 2007

8 Random Facts About My Marriage

Rochelle tagged me for this one.

  1. A new girl started work at the Dr.’s office and it was my job to train her. She attended a college age group lead by a hunky single youth pastor that she said I just HAD to meet. She turned out to be my best friend and he turned out to be the man I’ve been married to for almost 13 years.
  2. I started my period in my white wedding dress as I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. My husband decided to give the longest speech ever as I was standing in the wings breathing through my cramps. And to top it all off, this was supposed to be our…you know…first time together. Our wedding night was spent fully clothed and snoring on opposite sides of the bed.
  3. At the beginning of our marriage we decided to do the “No Birth Control Thing”. And…..we had Elijah 9 months and 2 weeks after saying I do.
  4. When Elijah was 4 months old, bada-bing, I was preggers again! All of the sudden Birth Control was sounding like a Divine Invention as I was lugging around a baby in each arm.
  5. We both Drool (with a capital D) over used bookstores. The first thing we do when we know we are going to have a chance to get away without kids is scout out the local bookstores for the town we are going to. Who cares about the best restaurants or the sites, we are all about the book bargains.
  6. I’m a recovering, task oriented, speed demon of a control freak. He’s a slow movin’, thorough, perfectionist. He’s the tortoise, I’m the hare and God’s a funny guy!
  7. We never, ever fight! And if you believe anyone that ever tells you that, well, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.
  8. We’ve weathered a whole lot of storms in our marriage and there have been times where I truly thought we weren’t going to make it. But by the grace of God and sometimes just plain stubbornness we’ve made it through and grown from our mistakes.

    I’m tagging Emily, Chris, Erin, Ang, and Cindy’s husband Scott.


EE said...

Starting your period in your white wedding dress...poor you!!!!
Our wedding night was nookie-free, also;)

nsremom said...

It's hilarious to read people's 8 random things. Some folks can be so serious, while others are just downright FUNNY.

I snorted while reading Cindy's....sniff, sniff....after crying because she didn't tag me

I wasn't chosen

I wasn't it.


But my REAL friend Gayle tagged me. That's all that matters right? And Cindy, don't feel bad when you read this, really. No hard feelings...

Cindy said...

Love reading your story! I hope I get to meet Chris (and the kiddos) someday! I want to know this man who won my bang-alicious friend's heart.

I love books, but sometimes even library books get me all tense thinking about the germs on the pages. So used book stores (which I once frequented as a child) now make me want to wash my hands just thinking about them.

The moral of my story is you are a better and braver (though perhaps more germy) woman than I.

SOUL: said...

hi... found ya through EE's page.
good one.
and good luck.

Rachelle said...

This was so fun to read! You're's refreshing to hear about healthy marriages that are REAL.

EEEEMommy said...

I didn't realize Emily set you up, that's too cool!
We were the same with the no birth control, our Natural Family Planning efforts backfired and we were pregnant one month after we were married.

Gayle said...

Period on your wedding night? Man, that really stinks!

javamamma said...

Enjoyed reading your random thoughts!

Rochelle said...

Bummer about being on your period on your wedding night!!! You have a beautiful marriage. :) Great post!

Scott said...

Thanks for tagging me. Just finished my random list ( Sorry, I don't have anything as horrific as Aunt Flo crashing our wedding. I'm not surprised that at least ONE bodily function made it into your list.

JJ_West said...

"I’m a recovering, task oriented, speed demon of a control freak."
Gayle, I can't believe how "normal" you've made me sound with this comment. I LOVE IT! The recovering part was what I was missing when describing myself. It gives such hope to (what I consider) an otherwise discouraging description of myself. :D

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