August 7, 2007

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Bras

Who knew the bonding that would occur over my daughters’ new attire?

After a long day, we all sat on the couch to watch a movie and my underwire was killing me. So I did the classic long-day removal technique.

You know the one?

The graceful under the shirt untangle that culminates in the whole she-bang traveling across your chest and then being flung out of one sleeve like a sling shot?

It’s wisdom that has been passed down from my mother…to me….and now to my daughter in one big generational sigh of relief.

She’s one step closer to womanhood, ladies.

One step closer! (sniff...sniff)


Cindy said...

I could totally take you in a bra-removal contest. I've perfected that skill to an art.

I have not, however, perfected the skill of remembering to pick it back up at the end of the night so that the dad of the little guy I babysit doesn't see it (in all of its padded glory) the next morning at drop-off time.

EE said...

LOL! Never would have guessed that you possessed this talent;)

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