August 20, 2007

Will The Poop Stories Ever End?

While my oldest was babysitting for us last night, I received a panicked phone call. Gabe had pooped in his pull-up and they didn’t know what to do. My answer?

Wipe his butt!

They were appalled and offended that I would even think such a thing. So after trying to talk the oldest two kids through the process of changing a poopy diaper, VIA TELEPHONE, I finally had to hop in the car and drive home to find my 3 year old standing naked in a bath tub full of poo-poo chunks. My brave six year old was the only one of my children willing to go the extra mile. He was picking up the chunks with baby wipes.

He’s getting a really big birthday present this year!

I immediately wiped up and washed off my traumatized three year old, tucked him into bed and raced back to church to finish our meeting and pick up hubby.

We won’t even go into the reasons why I was the designated poo-poo-problem-solver and not hubby.

Another post, another day!

So when Gabe crawled into our bed at 3am this morning with a bad dream, I thought nothing of it.

But this morning when I rolled out of bed I asked him what his bad dream was about.

He said, “I dreamed there was ants in my crack.”

The poor kid is gonna need therapy, now. Dang-it!


EE said...

The Poop Patrol to the rescue!!!!

nsremom said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much this made me smile.

your son is without a doubt.....gonna need therapy when he finds out that all of his poop exploits were put on the internet.

Cindy said...

You need a new label for these posts. Forget "daily attitude". You need "bodily functions" or something way more clever than I can come up with right now.:)

Anonymous said...

That's too funny. They always go when I am eating around here. I am mostly laughing since he said "crack" . My kids say that sometimes. Thanks to hubby and I laugh as I repeat back to them using a "nicer" word. You poor little guy. Did the older ones have nightmares of poo-poo diapers?lol

Anonymous said...

You are killing me! You must save these stories for when he gets married!

randi said...

Oh gosh, this is funny!

If anything, parenting is a source of great stories!

Ang said...

Dang you're funny! Don't worry about therapy for the 3 year old. Just take it out of the older kid's college savings. After all, they did contribute to the poor child's condition!

Leanne said...


Words fail me at this point, friend.

Poor Allegra!

She can come over anytime she wants and bask in our estrogen-dominated world, where the dirtiest word she will hear is "Hannah, clean the toilet"



Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh my goodness. I am laughing out loud picturing all of that. My kids aren't old enough to babysit each other (the oldest is 4), but one day....ha ha!

ConservaChick said...

This was so funny gayle! Our Gabe's would have a blast together! ~Karlie

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