September 27, 2007

And They Think We Are Hard To Understand!

Guys are just different than us and anyone with a brother, father or husband can probably attest to that. But even though I’ve been married for 13 years, this fact still amazes me. Take for instance my husband, Chris.

Yesterday he decided he wanted to run the lake (a beautiful 3.5 mile lake in the center of our town with parks and running trails and nasty public bathrooms).

We decided to drop off Chris at the lake and while he was running we would hit the library

post office, and a few other errands,

and then meet back at our favorite park for a picnic lunch.

Upon our return we could see him approaching about fifty yards off, so we pulled out our lunch and headed over to the picnic bench. Just as he was about to reach us there came another male runner running towards him. He smiled as if he knew him and high fived him as they passed. Chris was close enough to tackle now, so the kids ran up to him for hugs and greetings and then promptly backed away in disgust as they noticed all the sweat pouring down Chris’ bare chest.

We sat down for our lunch and I asked, “So who was the guy you high fived?”


“What do you mean you don’t know? Did you just high five a complete stranger?”

“Well, sure, I high fived a lot of guys as we passed.”

And I just sat there scratching my head. A girl would NEVER do this. Ever! My approach when I’m running the lake (and don’t hate me for telling the truth) is to size up my opponent. If she’s gorgeous and thin then I make sure I’m running straight and my bouncing parts are as controlled as possible. If she’s struggling as much as I am, I give her a big smile that says, “I hear ya, girlfriend but yahoo, we are doing something about it!”

No sooner would I high five her, than I would pick my nose in public. Girls just don’t do that, thankyouverymuch!

But to my husband this was a friendly guy greeting, much like when you see a football player run off the field and get slapped on the butt by his teammate. Male bonding at its finest and the only time you wouldn’t have your sexuality questioned by touching another man’s tush.

Am I the only one that thinks this is weird?


EE said...

I'm going to ask my husband about this when he gets home. I don't think I could do the high-five with women I don't know, either.
You crack me up!

laura said...

Male bikers have this etiquette too where they all wave at each other when they pass by, where did all this start?

...and those pictures all make me miss Longview!!

jtcosby said...

The other thing I don't get: Sitting in the same room with a bunch of people and not talking to any of them and being completely content with this. I ask Jesse if he is going to talk to "insert friends name here" and he says...yeah...I might or whatever...Women would NEVER do this! If I am in a room with my friends, I want to talk to all of fact, I've been known to be talking to my friends and a complete stranger (this happened today) is sitting next to us and I will strike up a conversation with them...because they are doing something or reading something I am curious about!! :) Ok, that part is probably a little weird, even for most women ;)

nsremom said...

I read this earlier and laughed out loud. Uh, NO I wouldn't do that and YES, it's a man thing.

whatever. They're from Mars, right? On Venus we do the sizing up thing....I love your honesty.

Family O'Foxes said...

You are so funny!
Amen and true dat to your story!

Cindy said...

I think what I find weirder is that someone would actually CHOOSE to run 3.5 miles.

carrielouise said...

I cracked up when I read that he had high fived that guy. My husband would sooner die than have contact with other guys! But he's a weirdo. He vacuums the back yard. What can I say?

Do other guys really do this?

Sonya said...

LOL! This is so funny! I can't see my hubby high fiving someone he doesn't know but I also can't see him running the lake...or anything else for that matter! LOL!

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