September 26, 2007

This Looks Like Something You'd Fill Out For!

Maudie Mae tagged me for this one…..

My Blog Name is: Grace For Gayle

But people usually call me: Gayle or Honey or Mom or “Hey you with all the kids!”

I was born: In Northern California and grew up fishing on Lake Shasta with my Dad. (He had no sons so when the last baby came along (me) he made do and taught me all the boy stuff. Which probably explains my ability to tell a good poop story and my wide repertoire of sarcastic retorts and just-a-little-bit-naughty jokes.

Until I wound up in: The gorgeous green (and rather damp) Pacific Northwest.

My occupation is/was: Pre kids – I worked at a Pediatric office, Post Kids – teacher, boo-boo kisser, hair stylist, chef, chauffer, playmate, on-call lover, administrative assistant, and napper extraordinaire.

My favorite color is: Uh, look at the blog….but I really like green too!

My favorite hobby is: chocolate tasting, exercise as long as it doesn’t make me sweat, shopping for something expensive but finding it for a fraction of the price, and reading.

My favorite season is: Fall when it’s still sunny and the rains haven’t started yet.

A few favorite books are: For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn, Babywise by Gary Ezzo (Oh, don’t shoot me. If you aren’t legalistic with it, it’s a great book!) The Message (It’s making me understand the Bible in amazing ways!)

Some of my favorite music is: Tobymac, Monk & Neagle, Jeff Deyo, Shaun McDonald, Third Day

My favorite kinds of movies are: Romantic Comedies or Adventure movies that don't involve all the blood and guts.

My favorite food indulgence is: Chocolate or Pizza

My favorite drink indulgence is: English Breakfast Tea with French Vanilla Coffee Mate or Starbucks Chai Tea

My favorite dessert indulgence is: Ding-ding-ding…chocolate again!

One weird thing about me is: Oh Gosh! Emily, can you help me narrow this one down?

One of my fantasies is: I’m just not going there.

One of my pet peeves is: Pious people, belly button lint (my husbands, not mine), when the phone rings and nobody is there…oh sorry, just one huh?


nsremom said...

I don't know what to say to all that. but I'm laughing, does that help?

jtcosby said...

I sure think you're neat ;)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Hope you find your match...hope its the one your married to. ha ha!

cute meme.

President of Matchy Match Match said...

Yes, hello, Miss Gayle. I'm from and I just wanted to tell you we've found your fabulous friend match. She lives in Indiana, is far from pious, doesn't like belly button lint, and could each chocolate all the live long day. We really feel it would be best for you if you would move closer to her. ASAP. And bring Emily along.

maudie-mae said...

I know I haven't commented much on your blog, but what I read blesses me. I emailed your post about teaching your sons how to please their wives with chocolate to one of my friends whose main medication is chocolate. My children are grown and gone but I do enjoy reading of your children's escapades.

Kathy in WA said...

Laughing here! Nice little question and answer blog. Whew. We all feel so much better knowing more about you. :)

Duckabush Blog

Rachelle said...

Fun meme!

Leanne said...

Okay. Gayle, this is your personal therablogopist, and I diagnose you with a serious chocolate addiction, couched around a poop-story speech difficulty, rounded off by a really pleasant favorite drinkism (the tea and creamer).....which is made all the funnier because you're NOT pious!!

That's enough.

Thanks for all the extra info!


EE said...

Go there...Go there!
I'm not a fan of pious, holier-than-thou people, either!

Anonymous said...

I like Starbuck's Chai Tea too!

Halfmoon Girl said...

That was funny, as well as Leanne's comment. I am with you on the belly button lint, chocolate, and pious people for sure!

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