September 7, 2007

I Only Made It Two Days

I’ve been procrastinating for weeks and finally started school with the kids on Wednesday. After a whole summer of lazy days reading, playing games and watching way too many movies, the switch to structure has left my mind reeling.

No wonder my house was a mess and I couldn’t get anything accomplished all summer!

So with schedule in place, chore charts mapped out and cleaning schedules in nice and neat order, I managed two days of structure before I called my first Teacher Inservice Day today….which is really code for “I forgot how hard it is to run a house, teach four kids, shuffle 3 of them to different overlapping soccer practices, and feed people things other than fast food! I’m pooped!”


This weekend will provide no respite though, because not only is it the official kick-off jamboree for soccer (3 kids + nine different soccer games and 3 photo sessions = way too many NEW grey hairs) but it’s the annual three-boy birthday party for my sons. (They were all born in September……9 months after my wedding anniversary…you do the math!) So after shuffling kids around and hoping I don’t leave anyone stranded on an empty soccer field, I will rush home to bake, frost and decorate two dozen cupcakes for my extended family, clean my house, wrap gifts and entertain.

I’m a little concerned that this is going to turn into Teacher Inservice WEEK!


Halfmoon Girl said...

oh, I can relate. I am so glad that you are a normal homeschooling mom like me instead of super homeschooler- i-am- always- on - top-of-things woman! Here's to soccer, cupcakes, and numb bum from sitting down to much while chaffeuring!

nsremom said...

Next week you aim for three straight days....which will turn on my competitive streak and maybe I'll match ya!

I totally agree that the first few weeks back into the school routine are nutty. CRAZY...I'm not even going to do the chore chart thing, but it did sound like it was working wonders for you.

btw: I died my hair back to it's natural dark brown....

I feel smarter somehow. More teacherish?

carrielouise said...

You mean those teacher service weeks are a bad thing? Oops!

jtcosby said...

YOu are hilarious! Do you keep your scheduling online? I am looking for some scheduling ideas for the twins while we are home, I figure I should take advantage of this time with them and you know, teach them something..and basicaly I am looking for a good schedule to get me started in the making of ours ;)
HUGS! Oh, we only had two soccer games to participate in but hubby coaches three...and did I mention youngest boy is I am home with the twins....and hubby left at 7 and won't be back until 2:30? UGH! :)

Gayle said...

Giiiiiirl-friend!!! You are singing my tune perfectly...;)
Man, this week has been crazy, BUT, I am chillin' today. Hopefully you will get to prop your feet up soon. :)
By the way, keep me posted on Vegas! *THAT* would be FUN!!

Anonymous said...

I am exhausted reading about your week:0 My twins will be 6 on the 11th. I almost forgot to send invites, thank God for post-its stuck to my computer-of course. I was also feeling the stress of getting back on schedule. I keep thinking once we are in the habit of doing school it will get will right?? Happy Birthday to your boys and make sure you don't frost the soccer ball on accident.
@hsb SeekingJesusnTeachingKids

call*me*kate said...

Gayle - Thanks for your sweet comment! It was a tough day. My son is adjusting to his braces and has taken over his nighttime routine - boy, am I relieved!

About your school week: I'm with Emily (well, not really but I agree with her) - work up to a full week slowly. Or not.

We are planning to start our school this Monday - stay tuned.


P.S. May God grant you strength to do all you need to do. Hope the party goes well!

ConservaChick said...

I think I need a teacher inservice YEAR! ~Karlie

Our Family of Five said...

Too funny.....only because I know exactly how you feel. :) We wouldn't be called 'mom' if we weren't crazy busy and multi-tasking our heads off. :)

Cindy said...

You should get a long-term sub and just take a few months off. I hear the disney channel makes a nice substitute teacher.

EE said...

If I homeschooled, it would be teacher inservice day everyday:o

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

I feel ya hon! Teaching 4 kids, taking care of a toddler and a baby, cleaning, gymnastics, ballet and a birthday is Sept, Oct and 2 in Nov, not to mention holidays, makes for a busy time.
Take a deep breath and charge on!

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