October 31, 2007

New Chocolate Luv!

Yes, this is a product review and I'd like to say the company sent me a sample....but they didn't.

And I hope that they see this review and want to reward me with a years supply of this stuff....but they won't.

So out of the kindness of my heart, and with no personal benefit other than to share the joy of yet another bit of chocolatey goodness, I give you this little bit of heaven....

A friend of mine gave me an industrial size cannister of this powdered mix and it has just sat in my cupboard for months. Once, I cracked it open and in a moment of chocolate desperation I tried to make hot chocolate out of it, but I was not impressed. So, back in the cupboard it went.

I also was making a chocolate cake one day and for extra oomph I tossed a couple of scoops in the batter but I couldn't tell the difference. So, back in the cupboard it went.

But today.....well today I needed some comfort food. I tried bagels and cream cheese and after two of those I realized that wasn't quite what I was craving. And as I stared into my bare cupboards, the big can of coffee mix called out to me, begging me to give it one last try.

I read the directions on the back that tell you how to make it into a blended coffee drink and lo and behold (insert angelic singing here) it was a moment of chocolate ecstasy. It tasted like a mocha frappacino from Starbucks or a mocha ice cream shake from our local ice cream store. In fact it was so good that I let my kids have a big glass of it, coffee and all. And if that wasn't enough, a few hours later we all had a second round. (I'm just waiting for them to start bouncing off the walls!)

So run, don't walk, to your nearest store and by a crate of this stuff....and then send me some more because mine's almost gone.


Gayle said...

Nobody has left me a comment yet and since I'm on a total caffeine buzz I'll just leave one for myself...


Thanks for yet again, another piece of wisdom. You inspire me on such deep levels. And how you can keep drinking fattening things like that and still wear a size 2 (snort) is just beyond me. You're a wonder, girl and I want to be just like you when I grow up.



Scott said...

I LOVE how your blog title "Grace For Gayle" makes you think for a second that it's going to be holy ramblings and juicy spiritual nuggets...then I see pictures of dirty underwear and read about your personal addicitions AND witness you conversing with yourself. Now I understand more fully the Grace which is continually extended to you (and all of us).
Please tell yourself that for me when you get a chance.

Cindy said...

THIS is what made me fall in love with you. HI. LAR. I. OUS. Although now with all those periods and spaces that word looks weird.

I am going to hunt for that stuff and buy us both some.

And like Yourself, I too want to be like Gayle when I grow up. Especially the size two part.

And I can only dream of being that generous to my kids by sharing my treasure. No way would I do that. I'd pour them some rich chocolatey Ovaltine maybe. Probably not, though, because I refuse to buy the stuff because the commercials annoy the heck out of me.

Stacy said...

I loved this post. So glad to have stumbled onto your blog at HSB. I have 3 boys and one girl also and a definite love and need of both chocolate and caffeine:)coffee that is. I must, I must go get me some of this stuff...NOW!

carrie said...

well, I was gonna say that my mouth was watering because if I love anything it's a frozen coffee drink done the right way.

But then I happened to see your comment to yourself, and I was suddenly glad I wasn't drinking one of those because I would have inhaled it up into my nasal cavity from laughing too hard.

Leanne said...

Okay, Cash and Carry has huge containers of the stuff for $28 a piece. Go now and get your supply! That's where all the coffee places around here get it. I personally have seen it in there when i went to look for the stuff but couldn't stomach spending that kind of money. I guess I know why the coffee drinks out there are so expensive.

Plus, you can pick what flavor you want!

Just thought I'd tell ya!


Emily said...

you're hilarious. A comment on your own post?

yeah, that makes you my hero too. But don't you want to be a size 0 like me?

EEEEMommy said...

ROFLOL! I was already laughing after your own comment, but then Emily's pushed me over the edge. It's nice to laugh! :)
And iced coffee drinks are great too! :)
Thanks for your wise insights on my blog. You really are so right, and that's no joke!

ConservaChick said...

I think I gained 4 pounds from all the candy I ate last night. Now this? I hope the coffee comes with a coupon for "jumbo jeans". ~Karlie

Brooke said...

I used to work at a coffee shop and Big Train was what we used for all our blended drinks... it's even better if you blend it with vanilla soft serve mix instead of milk. It's really bad for you, of course, but it tastes great. We also added a shot of espresso to it to kick up the coffee taste. Yum. :)

Gayle said...

hee-hee...you're crazy!
This sounds so good and I am happy that you appear to be heading over to the coffee realm ever so slowly.

Big Red Driver said...

I see coffee does strange things to you. Want some more?

Kathy in WA said...

Wait a minute, I need some more details.

1) Where does one find this coffee mix?
2) What was the recipe? Milk, ice and mix or was there ice cream and extra chocolate included?

Help! These are important facts that I need to know.

Have I mentioned recently that I don't eat sugar and only survive because of the chocolate love you all share on your blogs? Don't ever stop.

Duckabush Blog

Ang said...

Sounds delicious! Where can I get it?

Sonya said...

Mmmmmm, it looks like a Moolatte from DQ, which are my fix of choice right now. In fact, I think I want one right now. So what if it's only 10 in the morning!

EEEEMommy said...

Hey! Who said you could take a break? Get back here and post something funny ASAP! ;)
I pray all is well with you all!

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