November 19, 2007

Friends Are Friends Forever, If The Lord Is Lord Of Them

4 women, 20.5 children, 13 years of memories, 22 buckets of tears, 650 million potlucks, and too many years in between visits.

This weekend was a memorial services for Laura’s mother in law and it turned into a wonderful family reunion. The four of us met years ago when we were all young, (some of them still are) and had no children yet. We used to meet as a church in our house and through that intimate setting there became some deep, cemented relationships that differing opinions, distance, and years don’t seem to be able to destroy.

So this is the picture of four grown women who’ve been through birth, death, tragedy, health scares, marriage woes, depressions, job changes, celebrations, and change.

**Leanne, Laura, Gayle, Emily

If I could toast you, I would!


Emily said...

I hate being the closest to the camera....I look twice as big.

I'm NOT btw. :)

and I'd toast ya right back my friend.

Leanne said...

You made me cry again!

I really have a special place in my heart for the three of you, and I always will. Time, divergent lives, distance, and whatever else cannot take that away, and it really was like a family reunion!

You looked awesome, you really did.....and I'm the only one who looks old!!! and I AM old, because my son will be the first one in our group who will be an official TEENAGER in a matter of 5 months!!!!!!!

Yeah, you might have to resuscitate me!!!!!

Too much time has passed since we had a gathering like that.......

What to do about that??



JustJuggling said...

How blessed you all are to have each other. You all look great btw. How brave of you all to have your picture taken at a memorial! I don't even look that good on a good day.

laura said...

I think as women we all tend to see the worst in ourselves, cause when I looked at this I thought I was the biggest with my pudgy preggo belly and bright blue was a sad but good time. Thank you again for everything!!!


EEEEMommy said...

Sounds like a great reunion. It's a beautiful picture too. You're radiant!

Cindy said...

They are blessed to have you, Gayle.

So am I.

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