November 20, 2007

Just When I'd Imagined That I Was Still Young

Yes, I can say that I am an expert on birthing babies just for the simple fact that I have pushed four kids out and lived to tell about it. But, honestly, I’m not one for the big-mirror-so-I-can-see-the-birth thing. I was the sort of kid that didn’t cry when I got hurt UNTIL I saw the wound, so watching all the stretching and goo of birth would have surely made it hurt worse.

But I’m left feeling a tad bit curious.

Enter super, amazing, gracious, REALLY pregnant friend who has invited me to the birth of her second child ANY DAY NOW!

If I can get past the fact that I’m seeing a friend where I never thought I would see her, then I can honestly say that I am so excited to witness the miracle of birth from the other end.

So I was telling my 7 year old that I was invited to see Sharnessa’s baby be born. And this was his honest question…

“So will you be the baby’s great-great-grandmother?”

Do you hear that squeeky hiss? It’s the sound of my ego deflating.


Emily said...

All I can say is, You must have made quite an impression on her.

you aint seeing me give birth.

and I love ya like a sister...I'm just sayin'.

Cindy said...

Are you kidding me??? THAT is my lifelong dream! I should have put that on my post this week! I SO want to see a baby be born!! You are so lucky. Old, but lucky. Congrats, Granny.

candi said...

I, also, have birthed 4 children. But while attending the birth of a friend a few years ago I finally understood how my husband feels. I actually went into this birth experience feeling overconfident in my birthing skills. Then, I passed out cold!!! So in order to keep you from having a similar experience here is some wisdom. When the Dr. or nurses say push and start counting, THEY ARE NOT TALKING TO YOU!!! You must remember to continue breathing. Holding your breath is bad. Very bad. Cuts off all oxygen to your brain and causes you to look like an idiot in front of many!! So I urge you, breathe.. just keep breathing! You are much more helpful that way.
Can't wait to hear about it afterward! Keep us posted!!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I have had the privelege of being a part of my sister-in-law's, as well as my sister's births. It is a wonderful experience to see that whole, beautiful new life emerge. It is mind blowing and you get to see it from a whole new angle than when you yourself are giving birth (literally!).

Rachelle said...

I had four babies and never watched any of it. I think my midwife was shocked when I refused the mirror. LOL

chickadee said...

yikes! me too. i didn't want to look in the mirror either.

you sew! i just noticed your aprons. going to take a look in your shop.

Leanne said...

Uh Gayle, my children call me "Mother of Abraham Lincoln"! So, who's old????

And I don't know how I would do watching the birth process. In all of my 7 births, I never, no not once, watched, or even wanted to! Thank you. Not now or ever. Thank you. Seeing the reflection in Dr W's glasses is waaaaaay too much for me.

But I don't mind my very close friends being with me when I give birth. It's actually very calming, as long as everyone can be absolutely silent during the huge peak-peak contractions.

Congratulations. You are about to witness God Himself stepping into the room, through the birth of a child. It's such a holy and spiritual experience. At least it is for me.

Let us know how it goes!


EE said...

Can we start calling you Granny Gayle??????

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